Life plans and priorities differ from one person to another, despite all the preset obligations enforced by tradition and culture.

What makes every individual happy doesn’t have to comply with what is expected from them by their family, friends, or society. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with traditional goals in life, what is entirely flawed is the judgmental notion that a person could be considered unnatural by stepping out of boundaries of the ‘ordinary’ life style.

Some people aspire to follow their careers and build up a secure and stable life, in both financial and social aspects. Marriage, success, and security could be all a person tries to achieve through a stable corporate job – and that is absolutely fine.

Some other people will take leaps of faith towards building what they perceive as a truly successful path by being risk-takers and following their own extraordinary ideas. Such risks include investing all their financial assets, time, and mental effort into a business idea or a project they’d like to help the world with – and that is also perfectly fine.

What isn’t fine, then?

The biggest problem with living in a society that was originally built on religious beliefs and heavily embedded traditions, is that any path a person chooses outside the previously mentioned options will seem radical and flawed.

Omal 3ayez te3mel eih fe 7ayatak ya3ny?


It seems as though we’ve become too obsessed with  the idea of security and being comfortable when we grow old, that we tend to forget to enjoy ‘the best years of our lives’. We tend to let go of our dreams and curiosity for the sake of taking on responsibilities.

I’m not saying that a person shouldn’t think about securing their future in one way or another… what I am saying is that after years and years of being educated towards ‘making a living’ by both academic institutions and society, most of us weren’t really given the choice of setting our own priorities straight.

Ma tengez, 3ayez eih?


All I ask of everyone is to take a step back and rethink what they actually want their lives to end up like… whether they want to follow the safe path, or actually go out on a limb and do what something that others may consider crazy.

As long as you work for it, you should be free to decide what you want to do with your life. Take an artistic direction with your life, travel, or you could even spend your life collecting bottle caps if that’s what will make you happy. Just make sure you’re happy.