Engezni, a social food network start-up, contacted Guinness World Records last August to hold the making of the world’s biggest koshary on Saturday, 17th of January. It is much more than just record breaking or even a loud launching for Engezni though.

We want to highlight the Egyptian cuisine and encourage food tourism in Egypt in addition to raising awareness of the issue of hunger through donating the Koshary serving,” says Amr Ashraf, founder of Engezni.

The koshary festival will be held at the beautiful Al-Hurriyah Park by the Opera in Zamalek, hosting up to 5,000 people, accompanied by Cairokee’s jams and 100 of Egypt’s finest restaurants. Engezni is also donating the — 10-meter wide and 1.20 meters high — koshary to the Egyptian Food Bank.

The tickets are sold at Ticketsmarche’s outlets. Stay tuned for our coverage at the Koshary Festival

Here is the giant koshary plate in the making: