Yasmine Osman is calling for a stand in front of Sequoia and Left Bank in Zamalek this Friday, December 5th, after her car got stolen last September in the valet.

Almost three months ago, Yasmine headed out to the restaurant where she was a frequent guest, and left her car with one of their car attendants. Little did she know that she would walk out and not find her car. Upon asking the attendant, she was informed that a man who posed as her driver took her car. She proceeded with legal procedures, and all the valet attendants were questioned. They were later released from questioning since there wasn’t enough evidence to incriminate them.

She told us that the restaurant later “provided a blurred photo of the suspect” in an attempt to help, but that the police weren’t able to identify the person in the image.

After a meeting between Osman and the owner of the restaurant was arranged, the general manager offered to have a talk with the supervisor of the car attendants at the valet on her behalf. However, all Osman got as a result of the talk were just more offers, all of which she declined en masse. Ten days after her encounter with the general manager, she got an offer that they would provide her with a rented car and a driver. Later they told her that the supervisor of those ‘independent’ attendants is offering her 30,000 L.E as compensation, which is less than 50% of her car’s market price. Left Bank offered her free breakfasts.

After her failed attempts to share her experience on their social media pages, Osman created a Facebook page  to spread the word. A great number of people have taken to the page to share the similar incidents they had as a result of Sequoia and Left Bank’s unreliability.

Recently, Yasmine Osman has been calling on her page for people to pass out flyers. “I have no idea how they’ll react. I have no intensions of initiating any quarrels or clashes with them. And we won’t stop anyone from entering, and we won’t block the road. We will be in the area of the location, but we won’t block their entrance,” she said. “And at the same time, I am still legally moving with my lawyer and the attorney office.”

According to the page, her stand will be taking place in front of Seqouia and Left Bank tomorrow at 12:00 pm.