Street style is the new black, and UNTY is back with a killer new shoot and fresh gear to keep you warm this winter.

Introducing its seventh collection VII, UNTY launched back in 2013 as a solid underdog in the fashion scene. Today, it’s safe to say that competition is meek and this brand has officially become a front-runner in street style attire.

“UNTY started with a lot of experimenting with concepts and designs. Now we want to begin building on the brand and solidifying our image by offering more than our standard product lines which include t-shirts and sweaters – branching out into jackets, sweatpants and of course caps,” said co-founder and head designer Omar Mobarek.


As a concept-driven clothing and apparel brand based in Cairo, Mobarek is the creative behind all the hypnotic artwork featured on each piece. Conceptual brands are a mythical thing we know not of in this city… this brand, however – with its thought-provoking designs this brand – will have you asking yourself existential questions you never even knew you could cultivate. Really though, what is there to see beyond the mind’s eye? And honestly, what is life?

Of course in true street form, the pieces are limited and the brand rarely ever reproduces once the items are sold out, making each item both coveted and unique to its buyer – and let’s be honest, we all want what we can’t have.

For UNTY, quality and attention to detail is key. Letting the artwork do the talking, the pieces are simple in form and monochrome in canvas, with the occasional subtle splash of color. Superior fabrics and a defined cut give its products a noticeable edge.


At the end of the day, UNTY’s captivating designs are what attract people most, season after season, to this distinctive apparel brand.

“The concept for this particular collection is driven by the idea of self-reflection, essentially by posing the question of ‘What if…?’, and how letting your imagination create this alternate reality of situations that could have happened is ultimately poisonous,” explained Mobarek

The VII collection features two sweaters, one jacket, and one pair of sweatpants. The Look Book was shot entirely by photographer Omar Harbi, and features fresh faced models Mourad Imam, an ambitious young talent, and Maie El Sabi, an up and coming DJ. Unconventional choices as always.

“We wanted to create an urban aesthetic for the VII collection, and working with photographer Omar Harbi helped us make this happen,” said Mobarek, “He managed to capture the tone and essence of the brand with each shot.”

Check out the brand and its new Look Book on their Facebook page or Instagram. Orders are taken through the brand’s social media accounts, or catch them at announced events. If you’re lucky enough to cop a piece, keep a look out for hidden details in the canvas…

Photography by Omar Harbi

Models: Mourad Emam and Maie El Sabi