This one goes out to all the front seat passengers/car shotgunners – those who understand the responsibilities that come with such a position. If you’re not driving and still in front, you better step your game up.

It is understandable that some of us cannot drive, whether it’s because we genuinely hate it to the point that it prevents us from operating a car properly (guilty as charged), or we just don’t have a car of our own – but that does not mean we just become idol passengers, we too have duties to fulfill.


Rookies out there, listen up…

It all starts with some rad DJ skills.


Then, your navigation game better be on point – whether by taking advantage of your street dwelling days or just using Google Maps.


In case of long rides, you better make sure the driver stays totally awake.

giphy (1)

No time for unwrapping and dipping, drivers be driving. FEED THEM!


Like it or not, you will read and reply to the driver’s texts if needed.


Only in Egypt: Occasionally, you’ll be required to utilize your side of the car (i.e assisting with crossing to the right lane).


Last but not least, you may occasionally be required to make the ride a little more ‘pleasant’.