If you head to the iTunes Store right now, you’ll find a new U2 album – Songs of Innocence – available for free download. Yes, there is still that much good left in the world.

The Dublin legendary rockers’ last effort was back in ’09, No Line On The Horizon, which came five years after How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. You would infer that the band is running out of new ideas but, in a recent interview , Bono said they’ve written and recorded several albums, but just haven’t released them yet.

Well, if this pro BONO (sorry) album is the first of many to come, I’m sold.

If U2 decided to quit now, I’ll say that this LP was a good place to call their illustrious career quits. It’s THAT good.

This is the kind of album that throws you inside, locks you up, and takes you on a journey through barriers of time and emotions.

Starting with a tribute­ish song to Joey of the Ramones and ending with a song that Lykke Li (Follow rivers) co sings with Bono and to sound so intact altogether is definitely something. The music and lyrics of the album take you on different, yet coherent paths, all the way back from the band’s early influences and all the way up to the age when you would think they felt out of place. But, no, the album, like all good music, is as relevant as ever.

I was personally sold in the second verse of the opening track. Bono sings:

“We’ve got language so we can communicate

Religion so I can love and hate

Music so I can exaggerate my pain

And give it a name “

You can always know when the primary songwriter is putting his own life on the tracks and I think that’s exactly what Bono did on this album, and such records only deserve to live forever.

Album Verdict 4/5 Stars.

What do you think?