Ahmed Moussa, controversial television (TV) show host for a nightly show called Ala Masouleiti (Under My Guarantee) on Sada El Balad TV channel, was mocked on social media outlets after airing footage depicting a ‘successful’ Russian airstrike in Syria. The footage aired on his show was in fact taken from a combat flight-simulator video game titled ‘Apache: Air Assault’.

According to Egyptian Streets, Moussa praised the airstrike, calling it “precise and effective,” despite the fact that the footage shown was from a video game released in 2010.


“Did you see the precision?” Moussa said after airing the footage, “These are ISIS fighters…they’re immediately wiped out…no one gets away.”

Moussa expressed his support for the Russians saying, “The Russians have intelligence…of course the Americans will never talk about this. This is why it’s important to watch together to show what Russia is doing in fighting terrorism.”

After a clip of the episode went viral, a number of social media users took to Twitter to express their thoughts on what happened.

Information and Image credits: Egyptian Streets.