This is the OTHER kind of Ramadan TV show guide, the english shows one. If you are still looking for an arabic Ramadan TV show Guide then check out the latest Prime issue HERE or Spin Guide HERE and to watch ramadan arabic tv shows HERE.

Just because Gossip Girl, 90210, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke girls and The Client List are all on a break doesn’t mean there isn’t good TV (please note that if you did not already watch any of the above shows, specially 2 broke girls…then…..).

Here is a a wrap up of the MUST WATCH shows running this summer:

The Newsroom

The Newsroom is one of our favorite new shows, with the high energy and excitement of being in a newsroom, the in house drama along side with learning a lot about major events in the world. GIVE THE FIRST EPISODES A TRY, YOUR WONT STOP.


We love Awkward, its an MTV show.. do we need to say more. Its a good replacement to the usual high school/university drama that is Gossip Girland 90210 with a funny entertaining twist.

Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs isn’t a new show, its been around for two seasons and now on its third. If your into the whole spy and CIA undercover hot action mixed up with entertaining drama, then this is the show for sure.
Remember “Alias” its kind of the same sort of thing.

Pretty Little Liers

Pretty Little Liars is already an extremely popular show with a huge liking. Plot focuses on four friends who stick together while being threatened by an anonymous foe who threatens to revile all their darkest secrets. Meanwhile they are also solving the mystery of their best friends murder. The show has a lot of up and downs, usually more ups then down and its currently on its 3rd season.