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Baher Ibrahim and Nadah Al-Shazly – two AUC graduate students – are working on a project to recycle 80% of the trash of one of Cairo’s many slum neighborhoods, Ezbet Khariallah, in order to construct a “self-sustaining recycling system.”

The two students hope this will be a resolution working towards facilitating the difficulty with sorting garbage, by transforming the garbage into goods such as bags and cardboards.

This is similar to a recycling system that the Zabaalin neighborhood runs on. The Zabaalin community is a neighborhood inhabited by garbage collectors who recycle.

Trash into Cash: Cairo Reclining Project

Ibrahim and Al-Shazly received a $500 grant from AUC for their Trash into Cash project, and with it are starting a workshop in which the two students will be consulting locals from Ezbet Khariallah on the recycling process that their neighborhood will undergo and the kinds of positive results that they will get.

“There are people who are already receptive to the idea of recycling,” Ibrahim mentioned.

Trash into Cash will be collaborating with “Kheir w Baraka,” a local nongovernmental organization located in Ezbet Khariallah, along with Association for Protection of the Environment (APE), which will be leading a two-day workshop informing the community of Ezbet Khariallah on the process of recycling.



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