Films, films, and more films. The eighth edition of The Panorama of the European Film, founded by Misr International Films (Youssef Chahine) and organized by Zawya, is back with a selection of more than 60 European films – starting today!

The Panorama of the European Film showcases films that are high in quality, richly insightful, and full of fresh, different perspectives.

This year, films will be showcased across various venues in Cairo, Alexandria, Menya, and Tanta.

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Alexandria, Menya, and Tanta Schedules

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The Panorama of the European Film is divided into various different categories, with this year’s focus being on films from the Balkan region. It will also be paying tribute to legendary Portuguese director Manoel De Oliveira, and showcasing a number of selected shorts. The categories include:

European Cinema, which will showcase films such as Thomas Vinterberg’s Far From the Madding Crowd (UK, USA), Matteo Garrone’s Tale of Tales (Italy, France, UK), and Guillaume and Stéphane Malandrin’s I’m Dead but I Have Friends (France, Belgium). This category includes European films from the past two years that have gained global recognition.

Emerging Directors which will showcase films such as Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz’s Goodnight Mommy (Austria), and Erol Mintas’ Song of My Mother (Turkey, France, Germany). This category highlights the work of young and emerging European filmmakers.

Documentary Rendez-Vous which will showcase films such as Asif Kapadia’s Amy (UK), and Agnieszka Zwiefka’s The Queen of Silence (Germany, Poland). This category revolves around insightful European documentary films.

Carte Blanche which will showcase the films Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (UK), The Sea Inside (Italy, France, Spain), and Le Havre (Finland, France, Germany). This category includes three films which were chosen to be showcased by three Egyptian filmmakers: Hala Galal, Mohamed Khan and Amr Salama.

Balkan Focus which will showcase films such as Dalibor Matanic’s The High Sun (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia), and Edu Marín’s Goodnight Sarajevo (Bosnia, Spain). Because of the fact that 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the Bosnia Herzegovina war (1992-1995), this category – as stated on the official website – aims to show a wider panel of films that go beyond [the war’s] image of struggle by discussing contemporary topics that are intricately linked to the past.

Panorama Classics which will showcase films such as Marcel Vandal’s L’eau du Nil (France), and Roman Polanski’s Tess (France, UK). This category aims to highlight and remember films that marked the world of cinema.

Crossroads which will showcase films such as Shawkat Amin Korki’s Memories on Stone (Iraq, Germany), and Yasmin Fedda’s Queens of Syria (Lebanon, Jordan, UK, UAE). As stated by the official website, this category gathers films born out of exchanges, co-production and sometimes co-directing, between Europe and the Arab world.

Manoel de Oliveira Tribute which will showcase films such as Aniki Bobo (Portugal), and Abraham’s Valley (France, Portugal, Switzerland). This category is a tribute to late Portuguese legend Manoel de Oliveira, whose directing career spanned a remarkable 70 years.

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*All images and information was gathered from The Panorama of the European Film official Facebook page and website.