Cairo has seen its fair share of food festivals over the few past years, and it’s always a blast! I mean, you probably remember, Cairo Bites last year at the Baron Palace was mind blowing. The thing is, although we Cairenes appreciate the art of making and devouring food, we also seem to hold an innate knack to ruin our good moments with our culture of… let’s just leave it at ‘disarray’? But the fact that you’re reading through this right now is a good sign, we will fix this with a code of ten commandments for food festivals.

Commandment I – 

Thou shall not throw your plastic utensils on the ground, or by the tree trunk, and not look back.

Commandment II – 

Thou shall not push your fellow food lover in any given booth queue.

Commandment III – 

Thou shall not burst out in rage and bring out your inner baltagi when pushed in a given queue.

Commandment IV – 

Thou shall love thy vendor and cashier, and bid thanks when they hand you food and change.

Commandment V – 

Thou shall not bully your kids into cutting lines.

Commandment VI – 

Thou shall not leave before you’ve tried everything, and really enjoyed your time.

Commandment VII – 

Thou art human, and this is Cairo bro, so there is most probably a street child hanging near by, get him something.

Commandment VIII –

Thou shall not feed the kitty. Her entire herd will come for you, and nothing will stop them.

Commandment IX – 

Thou shall socialize and network, those events are not really just about food.

Commandment X – 

Thou shall come back every year and honor this code.