Cairo’s traffic is complete and utter hell, no two ways about it. Driving sucks, public transportation is bursting at the seams, and taxis have their own specific set of problems. Luckily for us though, some people have convenience on the brain. Careem, a company which already operates in 12 different cities in the region and beyond, has expanded to Cairo, and to celebrate the launch, they’re offering a free first ride to new customers.

But back to taxis and their issues. Firstly, there are places where finding a cab at night is impossible — 6th of October and New Cairo, I’m looking at you. Secondly, cab drivers frequently turn down passengers and you know what, even though it’s their job and everything, I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to knowingly drive into a gridlock and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy either. Once you do actually get into a cab, the potential for problems soars. There’s everything related to the fare for one; is the meter on? Has it been fiddled with? Do you have the right amount of cash on you? Were you actually expecting your change back? And then issues with the driver himself; chain-smoking, refusing to turn on the AC, bad driving, pervy behavior, etc. Of course, not everyone’s like this, but when a city is as jam-packed with stressed out cab drivers as this one is, you’re bound to have at least a few bad experiences.

Careem, on the other hand, boasts a number of perks guaranteed to come in handy. Most importantly, you can pay beforehand online. No more feeling stranded when you’re short on cash and out of range of an ATM machine. You can also check your driver’s crowd-sourced rating prior to your trip and track his location while waiting to be picked up. Additional perks include getting to choose the kind of car you want, whether economy, business or first class, or how long your journey’s expected to be, and not having to deal with a driver who doesn’t know how to get to your destination (god bless GPS).

You can book rides off of their website or using the app which is available on pretty much every platform. Just make sure to mention @CAREMMCAI in the driver notes to get your free ride.