The recent downfall of comedy in movie theaters has left a hole filled only by the abundance of stand-up shows available on the Internet. My preference for stand-up shows started about a year ago and I think it’s safe to say I’ve watched enough to recommend a few for your personal amusement. As always, this list is not inclusive; I have excluded certain legends like Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby and instead focused on more recent talents that are also more widely available.

Here we go.

– Dave Chappelle, For What It’s Worth

Dave’s white man impression is unreal. He’s fast, witty, and definitely funny. No racism intended, but Dave is the best when it comes to the African American type of comedy, which basically involves lots of racist jokes, sex, and drugs. Dave’s Killing Them Softly is also one of best.

– Eddie Murphy, Delirious

This one is a classic, yet not too old. This is from the 80s, when Eddie used to actually do comedy. Now, he’s more into family comedy, which I don’t find satisfying anymore. Like most African American comedians, explicitness is a key concept of this show (and his second most famous: Raw).

– George Carlin, You Are All Diseased

If you’re more into intellectual comedy (if that exists!), then I present to you: George Carlin, who is perhaps one of the most cynical and sarcastic human beings you will come across. His thoughts and insights never fail to impress me. Funny AND thought-provoking, I find Carlin one of the most important social critics in the past century! It was quite hard to pick one show but I find this one the most interesting. If you fall in love with one, then you might want to check out Back in Town.

– Louis C.K., Chewed Up

Again, no Louis show is a bad show. Louis is a huge fan of Carlin and you’ll find his influence in his show very apparent, except that Louis adopts this apathetic character that doesn’t really care for much and all he talks about is his poor, miserable life. Still, I find some of his thoughts interesting. If you like Chewed Up, then you might want to check out Live at The Beacon Theater.