If you’re a 90s kid, the following list will definitely give you feelings of nostalgia. Some of the following songs are funny, some are too dramatic, others you might find cheesy. But the one common thing among them all is that they occupied the Egyptian “street” for quite a while.

1- Shik Shak Shok
This is probably the most popular “wedding song” Egypt has ever known. The first time I ever heard this I used to live in Assiut. There wasn’t a single wedding or celebration without this song/track banging. You can find a million videos of belly dancers dancing to this song on YouTube. I believe the original was played in some movie with Sohair Zaky dancing to it.

2- Hamid El Shaery Ft. Mostafa Amar – Ghazaly
Believe it or not, this song was released 14 years ago. These are the oldies of nowadays. The half-Libyan half-Egyptian Hamid El Shaery is one of the 80s’ and 90s’ forgotten superstars. Some of his most famous songs are also: Galgely and Khod Alby (featuring Ihab Tawfik and Mostafa Amar).

3- Ahmed Adawyya – Bent El Sultan
Adawyya is known for his Mawals (like the one before this song) and this song is one of the popular cultural songs in Egypt. Adawyya talks from the heart and his lyrics are all about the Egyptian experience.

4- Mohammed Mounir – Sheta
Mounir was the first to introduce jazz into Egyptian music. In this jazzy number from the mid-90s, Mounir’s soothing voice and his touching down-to-earth lyrics are all you need for a chill time in a Friday afternoon. Mounir is also known for his cover of Nagat El Saghira’s Ana Ba3sha2 El Bahr and Leh Ya Donia El Wahed featuring Khaled Agag but the one I always remember from childhood is Fi 3eshq El Banat.

5- Mohammed Mohy – A3atbak
If you’re a 90s kid, you probably went through the Mohy phase. This time I used to live in the north and there was not a single shop not playing Mohy’s overly dramatic songs. Mohy is also known more for his recent works such as Leh Byfakarony and his duet with Shirin, Bahebak.

6- Aly Hamida – Lololo
Let’s just say you need to know that this one was a very successful song in the 80s and is a big part of Egypt’s music history.

I can go on all day talking about music in the 90s. I ignored superstars such as Samira Saeed and Amr Diab and many more for technical reasons.