Lunch is as simple a meal as any – the beauty of it is that it could be anything from a simple sandwich to a full-blown four course meal. Picture, however, the ultimate lunch break: a four corner buffet, each corner serving light, yet fulfilling lunch items… you grab your plates, sit at a table overlooking the majestic Nile River, and proceed to pamper your taste buds. Sure, this may sound like another one of those office daydreams – however, this is one daydream that’s just one pinch away from becoming a reality.

In comes Conrad Cairo’s Solana Restaurant with their new Lifestyle Lunch buffet. Solana’s Lifestyle Lunch truly is the ultimate lunch break – whether it’s a business lunch break that the whole office can enjoy, or an intimate weekend outing. There are four buffet corners to choose from: the soup station, the organic salad bar, the sandwiches on slabs, and then comes dessert. Regardless of whether you would consider yourself a ‘foodie’ or not, there’s something for everyone with the Lifestyle Lunch – especially considering the fact that you may choose to use between one, two, three, or all four of the buffet corners.


Not only is the idea of having a wide array of food items to choose from in itself a greatly appealing component to this lunch, but the fact that the food items at the buffet are also visually stunning helps in making your job as the consumer of these items easier (or harder if you think about the decisions that would have to be made). As you eye the organic salad bar, the colorful display seems to eye you back, practically begging for you to take a hold of as much as you can get. And the sandwiches, ranging from the perfectly roasted vegetables hugged by a white Panini to the aromatic chicken squeezed within tortilla bread, are beautifully packaged as they are wrapped and tied with a thin string – making them actual culinary gifts on your plate.

Once you’re done journeying between one corner of the buffet to the other, you get to enjoy your wonderful meal with an equally wonderful view to accompany it. Dig into your sandwich as Cairo’s skyline across the Nile digs into your soul (alright, it may not be quite as dramatic as this – but it’s a pretty great view and experience).


Solana’s Lifestyle Lunch is available every day from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

All four corners are 115 EGP
One corner is 45 EGP
Two corners are 75 EGP
Three corners are 95 EGP

For reservations or more details, you may call 012 27443800