Whether you’re an avid Snapchat user or not, there always seems to be that one person who makes Snapchat feel like a walk in the park.  Some of the application’s features can undoubtedly seem confusing, especially seeing as how every update introduces new changes. However, there’s no great secret to becoming a Snapchat guru – it’s all about the point and snap. We’ve rounded up some of the most handy tips & tricks to get your Snapchat game on point.

Note: If these features aren’t already activated on your phone then simply open Snapchat, click on the tool icon on the top right of the main menu, select manage, and activate them.

Discovery Tab


Snapchat recently added the Discovery Tab. It includes round-ups of the best content from all over the web – whether you’re into Cosmopolitan, CNN, Vice, or Bleacher Report. As you’re browsing through this new feature, you’ll find that you can also send snaps of your discoveries to friends.

More Colouring Options


The colour palette on the right of your snaps may seem restrictive, but it’s actually the key to unlocking more colours. As you already know, scrolling up and down will allow you to select colours, but moving left and right also reveals more colours. Go to the bottom left corner for black, top left corner for white, and play around for more colours. Can you top our ‘fine-looking’ Prime logo? (We tried really, really hard)

Adding the Time, Temperature, or Speed


After you take a picture, you can swipe left and add the temperature, the speed, or the time at which the Snap was taken. It’s also easy to change from the imperial system to the metric system by simply tapping on the speed/temperature you want to change.

Filtering like Instagram

Snap Chat Filters

Echoing one of Instagram’s most popular features, Snapchat has provided us with filters – all you need to do is to swipe your fingers right or left and… voila!

If you still feel as though your filtered snap is missing a little something you can also add the time, temperature, or geo-tag by simply keeping your finger on the screen and swiping left or right.




Egyptian and proud means we’re Egyptian and loud. The reason why Snapchat may have alienated some of us in the past is because it was quite hard for us to be able to speak (or rather, yell) our thoughts. However, with the new text features, you can do that with ease. By clicking on the “T” icon that will appear after you write your text – you will be able to both alter the size, center, and rotate the text. You can now colour the text as well.

Emojis Replacing the ‘Best Friend’ Option


Let’s face it, the Best Friends option on Snapchat made our lives a lot easier – we knew who was flirting with who, who was in a dramatic feud, etc. Now Snapchat removed that option and replaced it with emojis – which makes things a little more confusing, but we have everything figured out for you:

💛: You’re each other’s #1 best friend

😁: You both share the same #1 best friend

😎: One of your best friends is one of theirs

😏: You’re their best friend… but they aren’t yours

😊: One of your best friends

🔥: You’re on a snapstreak – sending this person snaps on consecutive days

Replace the Face


Want to express your current mood without using words or a facial expression? Snapchat has the option to add emojis to do so! Simply tap the sticker-like option next to the text option to get an array of emojis to choose from.

Front Camera Flash


If it’s dark at the party you’re at but you want to share the night with your friends, have no fear… Snapchat added a flash to the front camera that will make snapping in the dark a lot easier.

Zooming in while Taking Pictures and Videos


There’s no need to worry about leaning over the edge of your seat to take a snap of something anymore as Snapchat added the zoom in and out feature for video snaps.

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Happy Snapping!