October may just be the perfect time to start planning your camping trip to the little mountainous area of Sinai. At this point in time, it would be cold enough to keep you feeling breezy, and hot enough to keep you cozied up and warm.

Often overlooked by both tourists and Egyptians, Sinai has so much to offer that one wouldn’t quite know where to start the adventure. That’s where we come in. Prime has created this Sinai 101 guide to lay out everything you’d need to know, from camping essentials to wildlife survival skills and everything in between.

Part one of our guide is all about the packing. Bringing the right supplies and equipment to venture into the beautiful wilderness can make or break your trip – which is why we’ve summed up some of the most essential supplies and equipment one would need.

Goodbye unnecessary luggage, hello efficiency and good times…

Sleeping Bag


A sleeping bag’s primary purpose is to isolate your body from the cold when sleeping outdoors. Almost all sleeping bags are provided with a waterproof cover. There are some brands of sleeping bags that are lightly insulated for summer use so your body doesn’t overheat when sleeping.

Where to find it: Alpha Market or Souq.com

Price: Ranges from 300 LE to 500 LE

Prime Tip: Carrefour offers cheaper brands of sleeping bags starting from 180 LE



Tents are available in all sizes – you can buy one just for yourself or a larger one for a group. They are used for shelter (somewhere to sleep or rest) and protection from dire weather conditions.

Where to Find It: Souq.com

Price: From 600 LE to 2500 LE

Prime Tip: Try setting it up before taking it on your trip to avoid any possible mishaps

Water Purifier


Staying hydrated while hiking or camping is very important, so having a water cooler or plenty of water bottles with you is a must.

If you’re camping or staying in the mountain for a long time, however, having a portable water purifier is the best option. A water purifier is used to disinfect water that is found outdoors – it will decontaminate the water you put into it making it safe to drink.

Where to find it: Alpha Market

Price: 60 LE

Prime Tip: You can also boil water on your camp fire to get rid of any germs that might be in it

Compass and Map


Forget relying on your phone’s GPS or compass on this trip – you’ll rarely find network in the valleys of Sinai, not to mention the possibility of your phone dying. Relying on a good old fashioned compass and map would be the best solution. However, do remember to charge your phone and use it only in case of emergencies.

Where to find it: Compasses are available at Alpha Market and maps can be printed out before the trip

Price: From 40 LE to 50 LE

Prime Tip: If you climb to highest area manageable, the network will connect

First Aid Kit


Having a first aid kit on hand while camping is absolutely essential. They’re very easy to find or assemble beforehand and are crucial to have in case of wound or injury.

You can easily assemble your own first aid kit by carrying these components with you: Painkillers, antibiotic ointment, disinfectant, Aloe Vera gel, bandages, medical tape, sterile dressing pads, compression bandage, thermometer, tweezers, scissors, safety pins, and a multi tool knife that includes scissors and a scalpel.

Please do not take this lightly – it might save your life.

Where to find it: El Ezaby Pharmacy

Price: 45 LE

Prime Tip: Any extra medication or shots that are personally required by you or anyone else should also be included in the kit

Easy Fire Tools


Lighting a fire can be tricky and not everyone has the skills needed to start a camp fire in the wilderness. This is where easy fire tools come in handy. Whether it’s a pack of matches that are easy to light up or a simple lighter, easy fire tools won’t disappoint.

Where to find it: Alpha Market or Souq.com

Price: From 15 LE to 28 LE

Prime Tip: Learn how to start a camp fire here

Canned Food


Canned food is preserved to last for long periods of time and stay contamination free. It will serve perfectly on a camping trip as it can easily be heated on a direct flame without the can melting.

Where to find it: Canned tuna and fruits are available in almost all grocery shops.

Price: Canned foods range from 10 to 30 LE

Prime Tip: Eat canned tuna for protein and a canned fruit for natural sugar – a can of tuna costs around 10 LE, a can of pineapples costs around 13 LE

Sugary Treats


Going camping or hiking requires a lot of energy, which is why you need to make sure you always have sugary snacks on hand. Backpacking and hiking burn around 400 to 600 calories per hour and, although you might not feel it, your body will need to re-energize. Food items such as chocolate and granola bars will give you the sugar rush you need to keep going.

Where to find it: On the Run, Kiosks, and supermarkets

Price: Chocolate bars range from 2.5 LE to 10 LE, Granola bars range from 7.5 LE to 10 LE

Prime Tip: Stop every two hours for a 15 minute break – have some water and a snack to help you keep going

Some essentials vary in accordance with the season. During winter, for example, there is always about two feet of snow on the mountain tops, so it’s very important to have snow boots, waterproof equipment, gloves, and thermal undergarments. As for the summer, light and breathable clothes (made of cotton) will help you move easily and won’t take space your bag.

Happy camping, and stay tuned for Part Two: A Guide to the High Mountains.