Serpents certainly have their place in history. Ancient Egyptians believed they were a symbol of eternity and resurrection, Adam and Eve got in a little trouble with one, Britney Spears danced onstage with another, and Bulgari has had a relationship with the snake since the 1940s – when the Italian jeweler introduced the Tubogas coil technology to its international clientele.

With inexhaustible creativity, Serpenti has become an icon of Bulgari design and a stylistic symbol of the jeweler’s penchant for innovation. A coveted collection, celebrities worldwide can be spotted donning the ever so sly Serpenti watch. From the Kardashians, to the stunning Rachel Weisz who posed for the collection’s campaign, everyone wants in on the action. Even on our side of the world, the watch has been seen exquisitely styled by non-other than Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe.