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If you hadn’t already read the 50s, the 60s, and the 70s articles take a look back now!

Music Television, AKA MTV, launched in 1981 on cable, need I say more?

By 1983, MTV was on 2000 cable systems and music videos were the number 1 marketing tool for many different industries. All this brought Heavy Metal, Synthpop, New Wave, Rap and Hip Hop into the mainstream.

Bands and artists grew their hair long, combed it to the back, and started becoming more socially involved; such that there were events and concerts for charity, and Ronald Regan even co-opted ‘The Boss’ in his political scene. ‘Christian Rock’ was also a product of the 80s when the Christian community was critical of the aggressiveness in their mainstream music.

Punk Rock became faster and harder, evolving into modes of Punk Rock like Oi! It is mentionable that the post-punk era had begun in 1980 when R.E.M played their first gig.

The 80s were big. Bands like Bon Jovi, Guns ‘N Roses and giant albums like Thriller and Purple Rain came out that decade, and Ozzy Osbourne was hitting multi-platinum certifications.

Here are the worldwide top 10 albums from the 80s:

1. Michael Jackson – Thriller – 1982


2. Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms – 1985

3. U2 – the Joshua Tree – 1987

4. Bruce Springsteen – Born In The USA – 1984


5.Michael Jackson – Bad – 1987

6. Prince and The Revolution – Purple Rain – 1984

7. The Police – Synchronicity – 1983

8. Paul Simon – Graceland – 1986


9. Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston – 1986

10. Phil Collins – No Jacket Required – 1985