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By the 60s Rock music had taken over popular music charts and Elvis Presley continued making hits early in the decade. With the revival of folk music, girl groups, surf music, Brill Building sound, and Phil Spector’s wall of sound, the music further diversified.

The top charts started to be shared between American artists and bands from the UK – of which were The Rolling Stones and The Beatles — by 1964, and garage bands started to come out. The 60s is the period when songs stepped out of the lovey-dovey phase and started prompting social consciousness and making political statements. Shit had just got real.

The second half of the decade introduced psychedelic music that echoed the rising hippie culture, as well as harder rock sounds and hints of heavy metal that started to surface.

Rock music was featured in the attempts of TV networks to attract more young audience, and in the late 60s outdoor music festivals started to arrive.

The Beatles took over the 60s charts — with 6 albums in the decade’s top 100, and 21 singles of the top 100 — and in their tail was Elvis — with 9 singles in the top 100 and 4 albums in the decade’s top 100.

Here are the worldwide top 10 60s albums best sellers –

1. The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 1967

2. The Beatles – Abbey Road – 1969

3. The Beatles – Revolver – 1966

4. The Beatles – The White Album – 1968

5. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II – 1969

6. The Beatles – Rubber Soul – 1965

7. The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night – 1964

8. Leonard Bernstein – West Side Story – 1962

9. The Doors – The Doors – 1967

10. The Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed – 1969