Six initiatives have made it possible for you to give back to the community from the comfort of your couch watching your favourite mosalsal. You can now SMS one of these numbers listed below and help feed a family or save a child!


The Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank was founded 10 years ago to feed the hungry and the poor all around Egypt and they’re on a mission to free Egypt from hunger by 2020.

Send a blank text to 9595 to donate 5 LE



Misr El Kheir

It’s a non-profit Egyptian foundation, and their goal is to reduce poverty, illness, unemployment, and illiteracy throughout Egypt.

Send a blank SMS to 9597 to donate 5LE 




Resala is behind various charity initiatives throughout Egypt, it was founded in 1999 as a movement of students in the Faculty of Engineering, in Cairo University and then established on a more formal basis starting 29/5/2000.

Send a blank SMS to 9598 to donate 5 LE




A non-profit organisation founded by Mohamed Sobhy, Ma3an is dedicated to rebuilding and developing Egypt’s impoverished and poor towns and different forms of informal housing into safe, inhabitable homes since launched in 2011.

Send a blank SMS to 91565 to donate 5 LE



Nahr el Kheir

“Nahr el Kher- River of Goodness” project by the Islamic Preacher Mr. Mustafa Hosny. A project installing water supply to thousands of poor families in their homes. The project was launched in November 2012 with a campaign holding the same name to install water in more than 1000 houses in one of the poorest villages in Fayyoum- Upper Egypt.

Send the letter ‘N’ in an SMS to 95535 or by calling 00219054 to donate 5 LE



57357 Hospital

One of the biggest hospitals specialised in children’s cancer in the world. Fundraising for the hospital started in 1998 providing free treatment for children with cancer. Hospital 57357 continues to strive for excellence and to expand it’s services completely based on donations.

Send a blank SMS to 57357 to donate 5 LE