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It’s no secret that ever since I became a member of Quintessentially I’ve been head over heels in love with them, but just when I thought they couldn’t possibly get any better, they took it as a challenge to prove me wrong.

Let’s start from the beginning.  You know when you are running to the airport and you start panicking about missing the flight so you forget an important paper, your keys, or even your lucky blanket, leading to ultimate frustration (traffic doesn’t help). Well that’s what happened to me – I forgot an important work-related document at home on top of forgetting to deliver another to a friend. It was the end of the world…or so I thought till I remembered the holy Q.

I called Quintessentially up, explained the situation, e-mailed them a couple of numbers, and boarded my flight to Gouna. The moment I touched down, I got an e-mail that all has been taken care of and everyone received the papers that they were meant to. Another crises averted by Q with zero hassle.


One thing that annoys me about pop-up holidays is the lack of planning – too much time is spent on where, how, who, and when rather than enjoying ourselves. On the second day of my short Gouna trip I called Q, expecting to get transferred to their London or Dubai office as Egypt’s office is off on weekends. To my complete surprise, my favorite Q office answers! THE Q EGYPT OFFICE IS NOW OPERATING ON WEEKENDS. I told them exactly how long I’ll be staying for, what I want to do, and what my budget is and within an hour I had all the information I needed based on my preferences in front of me. It’s like having a local best friend who lived there all their life who just knows it all.

People by Crystal

After an unforgettable five-day Gouna trip (partially because of the news that Egypt’s Q office now operates on weekends which I am still incredibly happy and excited about), I returned back to what I am currently calling home, Dubai.

After a couple of days of detox, it was time to go back to becoming creatures of the night. A friend and I started it off with dinner at Fire and Ice at Raffles, where we might have had one too many drinks. By the time we got downstairs to start our night at People by Crystal, we were showing signs of high levels of intoxication. Therefore, naturally, the bouncer wasn’t a big fan of us entering (yes I mean he wouldn’t let us in because we were too wasted). Walking away heartbroken, we decided to call the miracle workers Q.

“Hi, Q. I would like to reserve for Crystal, Dubai tonight. More like now. Is that possible?” They told me they will call me back in a while after checking the possibility. Their while was but a few minutes – by the time we were upstairs and about to have a few more drinks at Fire and Ice, they called back confirming the possibility. We headed back down and were welcomed to Crystal with wide arms…the bouncer seemed almost thrilled to see us.

Thank you, Q – you always make sure life is sweet, fun, and easy.