Quintessentially Diaries 1


If you’re an Egyptian guy with an Egyptian passport, the spontaneous decision to hop on a plane and visit another country would be an embodiment of mission impossible for you. Simply put, it’s neither a familiar nor easy routine. From getting your military permissions sorted to getting a visa and everything in between; sometimes it seems more time efficient to seek a new nationality.

It’s Wednesday, I have to be in Dubai by the following Monday, at the latest. The first major problem I encountered while sorting the military papers is the requirement of a freshly stamped paper from Dubai, which of course won’t be completed in a day and delivered in less than 2-3 days.

After running around trying to find a solution to speed up the process, i thought to myself: “WHY AM I RUNNING AROUND?” I called Quintessentially! It was as simple as emailing them a phone number in Dubai and they worked their magic. Next thing I know, I wake up the next morning to find my papers from Dubai in Cairo, delivered right to my doorstep.

Now compare it to the fastest courier services out there, DHL, armex, fedex. At the fastest, it would still take them 2 to 3 days.

While otherwise costing you around 250 to 350 LE, Q did it for me in less than 24 hours and it costed me ONLY 25 L.E.!

After handling the military papers riddle, I needed to catch the next flight out. But, again, it’s not a piece of cake. My friend and I need to arrive in Dubai at the same terminal (visa-related reasons) at the same time. To add to the hurdle, he’s arriving from Doha while I’m arriving from Cairo.

I called Q up and informed them and, as expected, in less than 30 minutes they had options and rates ready (they already put seats on hold) and were awaiting my confirmation to book so they could email me the tickets.

As Q is already aware of my appreciation of an outstanding nightlife, by the time I got to my plane they had already emailed me a complete guide to Dubai’s nightlife. We’re talking  schedules, ratings, briefs to Q member benefits and their Dubai office contacts, so I can continue to put in requests to book me wherever, whenever.

Ladies and gentleman, these are just three of the million and one reasons why I JUST LOVE QUINTESSENTIALLY.