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Sa7el season is, by far, my favorite season of the year. In fact, it is the only season of the year that strongly compels me to return to the motherland, Egypt.

There is simply nothing to not love about it. the beach, the chilled out mood, the stress-free atmosphere, the sleepless nights, the drinks, and – of course – the parties.

When it comes to parties, Cairo and Sa7el are not really that different –the same people, drinks, parties, and organizers basically just migrate to the beach and embrace the beauty that is Sa7el.

It’s also not that different from Cairo when it comes to the hassle of reservations. It essentially comes down to: how many times are you really willing to call your friend who works for that party or (for the slightly more connected) the friend who is the actual organizer of the party to ask for a reservation and ensure you’re all good? With time, it starts feeling like your reservation request is more a favor than a mere reservation.

Toy Boys at Club M
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So, there I am in Sa7el. It’s the first weekend after Eid, I’ve just landed in Egypt… completely clueless about what’s happening. This, of course, sadly resulted in me spending virtually all my mornings on the phone trying to figure out what is happening that night, what my friends want to do, who my relevant connections are, and making the actual reservations.

One weekend later, I decide to use Quintessentially to do the work for me while I sip on mojitos all afternoon.

And this is how simple life becomes thanks to Quintessentially:

1. I e-mail them the following: “Hey guys, can you give me an update on everything that’s happening this weekend in Sa7el?”

2. Within an hour, I receive a fully detailed timetable of all venues, events, and Q’s recommendations.

3. I forward it to my friends. We make a decision.

4.I e-mail back saying:

” Hey guys,

Please reserve the following:

Thursday – Club M – Table for 10

Friday – Tabla – Table for 10

Saturday – Club M – Table for 10


5. Next morning, I receive a confirmation e-mail with all my weekend reservations plus all the information I could possibly need regarding how to get passes, etc.

 Quintessentially R

I would tell you how great that weekend was but, thanks to Quintessentially, I don’t really remember much of it.