As an Egyptian tourist in London earlier this month, I had three things on my mind: fine dining, theatre, and sightseeing. But there is only so much food you can eat before worrying about getting fat, only so many times you can see Wicked before Defying Gravity gets really annoying, and I already had albums filled with me posing next to Big Ben.

Needless to say, after a few days I was ready to rediscover London and desperate to get to know sides of it I had never seen before. Lost, not knowing where to start and losing hope in the millions of pages that pop up in Google, I decided to take the easy way out. I drafted up a quick email to Quintessentially asking about what’s going on this week, specifically if there are any comedy-related or Oktoberfest events.

Within minutes I got a easy-to-follow PDF with all the details needed – from prices to locations, dates, and a summary of all the acts…it was just PERFECT. Quintessentially helped me transform my trip from monotonous to exciting almost instantly without requiring me to do so much as lift a finger. They guaranteed that I would had a good time; filtering and recommending things…it’s like having a local best friend who knows it all.
They even went to the extent of booking the best seats in the house – regardless of the show having been sold out or not!


Pages out of the PDF:

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Edited by: Deena Bahgat