Yes, that’s right… that funny Vine guy who features his dad a lot, Sherif Fayed, stopped by our office for a (not-so-quick) interview, as well as quite a few highly energized rounds of Heads Up.

Sherif Fayed is currently one of the most popular Arab viners around and deservedly so. He quickly became an internet sensation after posting videos on the popular ‘Arab Vines’ Facebook page.

His lovely visit to the Prime office proved to us that this guy is just as funny off camera as he is on camera… and what sort of people would we be if we didn’t share our experience with you guys?

Prime Talk Vine Sherif Fayed

Prime Magazine: You played soccer before you got into the whole Vine thing… so we were wondering – what is it that you miss most about soccer?

Sherif Fayed: Definitely not early mornings, definitely not training while I’m fasting at 10 in the morning… what I miss about soccer is my team. What brought me together with my best friends right now was soccer. I started at Wadi Degla when I was five years old and met all of them a year or two later, and we’ve been best friends ever since.

PM: Tell us more about the transition from playing soccer to making vines.

SF: It wasn’t that much of a transition because I stopped playing soccer a while before starting to make vines because I got an injury. Vining just came along and it was actually such a coincidence how it all started…I was at home on a Friday, I had finished prayer and I was watching Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video. So I was like, “I’m bored and I think I could do something with that.”

So I decided to grab my sister, and grab a camera, and I have a swing in the balcony so I took off the swing and then there was that wire hanging. I got an exercising ball, put it between my legs and I was swinging half naked on the balcony. I posted it and then I didn’t expect all the feedback I got; that was my first vine.

I only had like 400 followers, but each of my friends started tagging their friends, and their friends started tagging their friends, and everyone was like “What the hell are you doing, that’s so funny!” and I’m like “I’m just having fun!” That was a week prior going into ‘Arab Vines.’ I was going through Facebook then I found the page ‘Arab Vines’ which had 20,000 likes at the time, so I was like let’s make a vine and post it…and then I started doing that more and more.

PM: With your experience with Vine, what would you say is the best and the worst thing about it?

SF: The best thing about Vine is that it gives you the opportunity to make people laugh in seven seconds… which, when you think about it, is a very hard thing to do. I can never imagine myself laughing in seven seconds.

The worst thing is that some Viners – and I hate calling myself a viner – take things very personally. If you thought of an idea, for example, and you made that video and apparently someone else made that video before you and you didn’t know it existed, they take it so seriously. They’re like, “OMG I did that video before, you’re a thief, you’re stealing my ideas…” and I’m like, “Wow, chill! We just had the same idea.”

I do whatever pops into my head, and I never sit down and think of the video. For all my videos I never sat down and tried to think of an idea that I can make, they just come around.

PM: How involved is your dad with the vines?

SF: He’s very involved, way more than you can ever imagine. I did a vine about that before but people didn’t know it’s actually true. I tried going to sleep and then he calls me at 1 a.m. and he’s like, “What are you doing?” and I’m like, “I’m in bed,” he’s like, “We’re gonna make a vine right now,” and I’m like, “No dad,” and he says, “It’s only gonna take 10 minutes,” and I told him, “Dad, it never takes 10 minutes, it takes like an hour or something.”

If the vine has a lot of people in it, then I usually have to direct everyone separately, and if someone messes up, we have to do it again because I’m very strict with this stuff. But with my dad, sometimes he likes to add his touch to the vines… sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not.

PM: We know you’re into acting; what’s your next step with that?

SF: Yeah, I love to act…I’ve always been an actor and growing up I’ve always fooled around in the house. It’s all about getting the chance to be on screen and get your first role. I study cinematography, so I’m into directing as well. If I never get into acting, then I’ll definitely be behind the camera.

PM: You’ve already done a few ads on TV; tell us more about them.

SF: That was before the vines – my friend was going to a casting session for a company and I was with him so he told me, “Why don’t you come along?” so I said, “Okay.” So I did the casting, and they called me the week after for a Chipsy commercial, not the one in Mexico, but just another TV commercial. Then after the vines, I started getting offers that came through them.

PM: Just a random question, what’s something that’s always on your mind?

SF: Food, that’s something that’s always on anyone’s mind.

No, something that’s always on my mind is staying positive in general.

Some people have been telling me I’ve had a great impact on them and I made their day and all that, but they don’t know that it makes my day that I made their day.

I’ve always been a positive person, always looked on the brighter side, and ever since I started making these vines, I started being more positive. Always look at the bright side, if you’re sad try to be happy, if someone else is upset try to make them happy… just stay positive all the time.

People who are following me are like, “How are you always this happy?” and I’m like, “I’m not always happy, but at least I try to be happy.”


PM: What’s your favorite accent?

SF: French

PM: Favorite Chipsy flavor?

SF: The Mexican flavor, since I went to Mexico.

PM: Favorite country to visit?

SF: Italy, but I have not been there yet.

PM: Favorite non-Arab viner?

SF: King Bach

PM: Favorite word?

SF: Putin!

PM: Favorite TV show?

SF: Friends

PM: Favorite thing about Egypt?

SF: The food and the people

PM: Egypt or America?

SF: Egypt.

PM: Last person you texted?

SF: Sherif Khaled

PM: Biggest turn on?

SF: A beautiful smile

PM: Biggest turn off?

SF: Smoking

PM: Guilty pleasure?

SF: Chick flicks

PM: Pizza or burgers?

SF: Pizza

PM: Twitter or Instagram?

SF: Instagram

PM: Joey or Chandler?

SF: Chandler…by far!

Sherif Fayed finished the lightning round in 1 minute and 24 seconds.


What did you study?

SF: Cinematography

What’s your favorite football team?

SF: Arsenal

Who’s your favorite actor?

SF: Will Smith, he’s very good… and different. Brad Pitt too.

If you were offered an acting role would you take it?

SF: Definitely, if it’s suitable and good… I wouldn’t take just any role.

Who’s your role model?

SF: My parents.

Prime would like to thank Sherif Fayed once again for stopping by the office. We had a great time…and you better come back soon!

Special thanks to Devour Cupcakes for catering.

If you’d like to check out what sort of crazy shenanigans went down that day, look no further than this Vine that some members of the Prime team got to help Sherif out with. And while you’re at it, go ahead and check out the rest of his stuff… unless you hate having a smile on your face, you won’t regret it!