Many of you might currently know her as Pousey, one of Bahgat’s daughters in one of Ramadan’s most beloved comedy shows, Saheb el Saada. We were fortunate enough to also get to know her as Tara Emad, a beautiful person who radiates inner beauty… and have thus dubbed her, Egypt’s sweetheart.


Tara Emad is an Egyptian model/actress who currently stars opposite Adel and Mohamed Imam in this Ramadan’s Saheb el Saada. She walked into our office all smiles as we sat down for an interview:

Prime Magazine: Obviously, we want to know… what was it like working with Adel Imam?

Tara Emad: It’s honestly amazing! Once in a lifetime experience, I’d say. I’ll never regret coming back from Paris. Even though I love modelling and I was building some sort of a career out there in France, it’s one of my biggest steps in my acting career and it’s amazing.

Acting with Adel Imam is very different… this is one of my biggest roles and I’ve learnt so much from him. He is very detail oriented which helps us a lot and it’s very good to meet someone like that who can guide you. If we have a scene together, he likes to make you feel comfortable so he cracks up jokes all the time so it breaks the ice.


PM: What was the highlight of your time on the show?

TE: Definitely acting with Adel Imam… and Lebleba, she’s a sweetheart. Him and her, they give this vibe on location that I haven’t seen before, they make everyone feel at ease and at home like we’re a big happy family.

PM: Can you tell us about the scene that everyone loves with your character, Pousey, and Seif’s first date?

TE: Oh yeah those scenes are so funny while filming because we’re in public so people would just pass by and look at us all smudged. I honestly don’t know why we’d be smudged in chocolate, or cream, or whatever but I guess it was just part of the date and being clumsy or foolish, and Pousey and Seif being comfortable around each other… it was really fun.


PM: Tell us more about the transition from modeling to acting? Are you planning on pursuing more of an acting career now, or would you like to return to modeling?

TE: Since I was a child, I always dreamt of acting here in Egypt and abroad, and modeling was also one of my big dreams… I love them both 100% and give them both 100% effort so I wouldn’t really call it a transition because I still do continue modeling. I want to do both.

PM: Do you get more recognition now that you’re an actress as well as a model?

TE: Yeah the recognition came in like one day; it was so sudden. Like, a day before I’d get recognized once in while like, “Oh aren’t you the girl from the ad or billboard?” and now it’s like everyone all of a sudden knows me. It’s a huge shock… it’s interesting, I need to keep up.


The best comment I’ve got so far from strangers whispering : “eda mesh di el bent el betba2a3 nafsaha kol ma btakol?” Hahahaha

— Tara Emad (@TaraEmad) July 19, 2014

PM: Would you say there’s a certain actress, Egyptian or otherwise, that you look up to and would want to follow in their footsteps?

TE: Yeah, Mona Zaki and Faten Hamama here… they both have this poise about them and this elegance that I really look up. Abroad, I really like Angelina Jolie… she’s built this image of herself as a goodwill ambassador and that’s my dream. I hope to be a goodwill ambassador one day. She has her own private life as a goodwill ambassador, and then her acting career, and she’s just perfect in both.

PM: Speaking of good deeds, tell us more about your foundation, Help from Your Heart. How can people help?

TE: Well it started in 2012… we started this foundation and it was such a great success, and I cooperated with donators from my photo shoots. People donated clothes, and we have 10 families that we regularly help on a monthly basis: from food, to clothes, to any necessities.

We don’t give money on hand but if the child needs money for school for example, we go to the school and pay for the child. Our projects are ongoing, we have several projects and there was this mini project that I also did for education… I tutored English to 3 children every Friday for 2 hours in the morning for 5 or 6 weeks before their exams and they got full marks, they were so happy and excited. I posted pictures on Instagram and the foundation’s Facebook page with the hashtag #childrenoftomorrow.

The foundation is still under registration; the papers are being finalized so we don’t have a bank account yet. But, hopefully, soon we’ll have a bank account to make the transfers easier, but now (if you’d like to help) you can contact me if you have my number or you can inbox me from the foundation’s Facebook page.

PM: We always say that Egyptians do it better… who would you say are some of your favorite local designers?

TE: I know right, they do! I do have a couple of favorites like Amina K, who is amazing and Malak el Ezzawy.

PM: We’re currently on a Prime Hunt this month for the most creative konafa, what’s your favorite creative konafa?

TE: My favorite is the konafa with the mangoes from Batter Half & Co. It’s delicious, its yummylicious, it’s just amazing!

PM: Lastly, to wrap this up, we love inspirational and thought-provoking quotes here at Prime and we share one with our readers every morning . What’s your favorite quote?

TE: “The best comes out when least expected.” My entire life has been based on this quote, like this TV series, and every other big thing I’ve done. Everything came out of the blue.



We thank the lovely Tara Emad for stopping by our office for this talk. You heard it here first: watch out for this one, we have a feeling big things are in store.

Don’t miss out on Saheb el Saada on MBC Masr every day at 7p.m. (Repetitions at 1:30a.m. and 3p.m.)