Every month, we go on a Prime Hunt for the best of a specific dining item or beverage. July’s Ramadan-inspired pick was Konafas. We dropped by the most popular bakeries and confectionaries in the city and tried out a some of their delicious konafas, all the while documenting our search on our Instagram account.

We asked our followers to like the photo of the venue with what they believe is the most creative konafa. Voting closed 2 days after the Instagram photo was uploaded and the results were tallied up by the end of the month. We now declare the winner of Cairo’s most creative konafa by popular vote to be:


1. Devour (voting closed at 321 votes): Variety, endless choices, and delicious Konafa cups. Devour is known for having ingenious ideas, which includes the Ramabomb experiments that have taken over their Instagram. My only remark is that their konafa cups are much better than their konafa cakes. The cups are endlessly satisfying as they harbor richer flavors.

2. Nino’s (voting closed at 287 votes): Chocolicous Snickers indeed! I fell in love with Nino’s Snicker-fueled madness and was very impressed by this home-bakery’s homemade konafas. Definitely one of my favourite Nutella Konafas; it was soft and moist, as every good nutella konafa should be.

3. The Batter Half (voting closed at 215 votes) has had a special place in my heart ever since the day my friends and I discovered it. We had the Red Velvet Konafa and the Nutella Konafa and it was quite the perfect way to start the hunt. I really enjoyed The Batter Half’s quality treats; both konafas were delicious, but the problem with the Red Velvet was that there was very little of its namesake in the actual konafa.

4. Carousel (voting closed at 178 votes): A new bakery that now also holds a special place in my heart. Always coming up with new ideas, Carousel was definitely one of my favorite bakeries this hunt, all due to their enchanting konafas and delicious ideas. Being a fan of Carousel means that you should stay up to date with the new flavors and treats that they present; they have so many! I highly recommend the Nutella Banana Konafa.

5. The Fondue Pot (voting closed at 231 votes): Another one of my favorites and unquestionably one of my new favorite restaurants. The Fondue Konafa was genius and more than just satisfying: it made my Ramadan. The Fondue was served with konafa bits inside as well as an array of fruits, biscuits, marshmallows, and other goodies to dip. I can safely say that the fondue made me fall in love with chocolate all over again. I recommend The Fondue Pot’s konafa to everyone!

6. Pavlova (voting closed at 173 votes): A new bakery with a lot of potential. I only discovered Pavlova this month during the hunt and I thoroughly enjoyed their konafas. Really fresh cream and ice cream, and their red velvet Konafa was definitely my favorite in the shop. The bakery seems a bit chocolate-obsessed with their array of Mars, Kit Kat, and Oreo konafas, which I thought were a bit much at first, but their Nutella Konafa was undeniably good.

7. Duke’s (voting closed at 134 votes): My favorite Banana Konafa so far. It’s soft, creamy, and delicious. I loved everything about it. Another favorite was the Date Konafa, which was also light and tasty. I can honestly say that I enjoyed everything about their konafas during my visit. My only critique, though, is that the whipped cream on top of the Konafa cups tasted a bit odd and not as fresh as I would’ve liked. To avoid this, I simply removed the cream and enjoyed the deliciousness at the bottom.

8. Nola (voting closed at 130 votes): Definitely one of Cairo’s most renowned Westernized bakeries. The entire staff is professional, efficient, and very helpful. I love Nola generally and am usually more than excited to dig into their goodies, but I wasn’t a fan of the Konafa Cupcakes. But to be fair, I never really liked the idea in other bakeries either. However, I give them a big thumbs up for their Nutella Konafa: tasty crust and lots of Nutella!

9. Le Meridian Airport (voting closed at 119 votes): they generously gave us a lot of Mango Konafas, which were mostly delicious, with the exception of an odd few that had an odd aftertaste. The crust was perfect, though, and the mangos were very, very fresh.

10. Mama’s Tiramisu (voting closed at 116 votes): I officially dub Mama’s Tiramisu The Best Mango Konafa of the Month. Keep in mind that at this point I was sick of Mango Konafas, having consumed more in one month than I have my whole life. But this was love at first bite. Slight problems were faced with the delivery, so you have to be patient when ordering. Tt was definitely worth the wait, though, and is guaranteed to be scrumptious.

11. Sweet Corner(voting closed at 115 votes): Personally, I expected Sweet Corner to get many more votes, seeing as oriental desserts are their specialty. That being said, the konafa itself was baked to perfection. I loved their plain konafa and their traditional cream-filled konafa. I also liked their Nutella Konafa slices because they were prepared like a sandwich, with the Nutella stuffed between two wedges of konafa.

12. Fresco (voting closed at 98 votes): The service wasn’t very good but the Konafas themselves were pretty decent. My only problem was with the Strawberry Maltesers Konafa; my taste buds did not approve.

Do you agree with Cairo’s vote for the most creative konafa? Leave your comments below!