Every month, we go on a Prime Hunt for the best of a specific dining item or beverage. August’s pick was mushroom burgers. We dropped by the most popular burger joints in the city and tried out their deliciously messy mushroom burgers, all the while documenting the search on our Instagram account.

We asked our followers to like the photo of the venue with what they believe is the best mushroom burger. Voting closed 2 days after the Instagram photo was uploaded and the results were tallied up by the end of the month. We now declare the winner of Cairo’s Best Mushroom Burger by popular vote (of our followers on Instagram) to be:


1. Gaby’s (voting closed at 309 votes): There is no doubt about how generous the burger was, overflowing with mushrooms and cheese, with the side of fries cooked to crispy perfection. While our hearts lie elsewhere, we are still proud to crown Gaby’s winners of this month’s Prime Hunt.

2. Butcher’s Burger (voting closed at 243 votes): Definitely the best burger I’ve sampled during this month’s hunt. Covered in caramelized onions, dripping with Swiss cheese… Butcher’s really outdid the other burger joints in both taste and quality. But what we really loved was that even with the abundance of toppings, you could still taste the actual burger, giving us the full package. And on top of that, the appetizers were just as good. Do yourself a favor and order the Mega Sampler. We promise you will not be disappointed.

3. Burgerque (voting closed at 225 votes): This delicious burger definitely wins in the name category. Say hello to Shrooms. This delectable mushroom-loaded burger, with the great appetizers that included scrumptious corn dogs, definitely deserved a spot in our top three.

4. Lucille’s (voting closed at 199 votes): Just a couple of years ago, Lucille’s was named Egypt’s Best Burger by the Times Magazine, and we’re extremely surprised it didn’t rank higher on the list! With so many new burger places opening up recently, a lot of people have started forgetting good ole Lucille’s. But we can confidently say that Lucille’s is still one of the best burger joints in Cairo, offering you the best quality, taste, and flavors.

5. Mince (voting closed at 192 votes): Mince’s new menu and ingredients deserve a visit. We loved their Mushroom Burger, but its only downside was the size. It was too small and failed to fill us up, leaving us wanting to order more – which we did. To make up for all the empty space left in our tummies, we ordered many a side dish, and just as many appetizers. Good news to our health-conscious readers: you can order brown bread for any burger!

6. Grizzly (voting closed at 167 votes): I have a lot of history with Grizzly. It used to be my go-to spot whenever I was hit with a case of the munchies, but their quality has slowly diminished within the last year. However, my recent visit gave my perspective a welcomed makeover. I was surprised by how good the burgers were, thus restoring my faith. The only downside was the ditzy waiters, who seemed a little lost whenever we asked for water or napkins.

7. Grind (voting closed at 136 votes): Grind has the best staff we’ve ever come across, who served us equally great appetizers. While Grind isn’t renowned for its burgers, they are experienced enough to offer you the choice between white and brown bread. A problem we encountered was that the burger buns were a little too thick for the burger itself, completely overpowering the taste of the rest of the sandwich. As high as the quality of the food was, it could not make up for the flavor robbed by the bread.

Do you agree with Cairo’s vote for the best mushroom burger? Leave your comments below!