Every month, we’ll be on a Prime Hunt for the best of a specific dining item or beverage. June’s pick was crepes and pancakaes. We dropped by the most popular crepe and pancake places in the city and tried out a some of their delicious pastries, all the while documenting our search on our Instagram account.

We asked our followers to like the photo of their favorite crepe/pancake place, to declare a winner by popular vote by the end of the month…here are your results:

1. Golio’s – I’m glad this crepe won because it was by far my favorite crepe and definitely something that would turn me into a glutton. Everyone – I repeat, EVERYONE – has to know about this crepe and definitely has to try it.

2. Bubblicious – I have to emphasize two things here: the service and the taste. The pancakes that I tried were the Blueberry Pancakes, the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and the Banana Pancakes and they were amazing. The pancake itself was really good and fluffy as well as flavor-filled and the waiters were helpful and excited to recommend many things off the menu – don’t forget to order yourself Bubble Tea when you visit!

3. Lucille’s – Legendary for their pancakes and definitely one of the best places for breakfast. Very little can be said here…if you haven’t tried Lucille’s pancakes, go now.

4. Munchies – Variety, variety, variety and more variety. Definitely the key word when you go to Munchies. We ordered two different types of crepes: Chocolate in My Peanut Butter (might sound funny but definitely a must try) and Maple Honey (I thought it would be heavy but it proved to be light and delicious!) The pancakes were also very, very, very good – order them with honey or maple syrup and get your stomach roaring for more. On a side note though, the Chocolate in My Peanut Butter is not for the faint of heart; order it if you can handle it.

5. Sugar Rush – First things first, the waiter was pretty rude and kicked us out at 11:30 and said that we should come back at 12. Other than that, the crepes were really good, I ordered the Hot Dog Crepe, the Sugar Rush Crepe, and pancakes with white chocolate. The pancakes were horrible, I could taste the raw dough, so I would warn everyone away from that. To be fair, though, the crepes were worth it. The Hot Dog Crepe was really, really good but my problem was the fact that the crepe itself was really thin so everything kept falling out and it was a little bit watery. I quickly forgot about the pancakes and the crepe that couldn’t hold itself when I tried the Sugar Rush crepe; it was too good. I ordered it with white chocolate and the inside was heated Nutella and the top was sprinkled with Ferror Rocher chocolate, so I can easily say that that crepe was one of the best I’ve had on the hunt.

6. Casper and Gambini’s – The picture looks beautiful, right? Casper and Gambini’s makes a really good breakfast which I recommend to everyone because I recently explored the breakfast menu myself and tasted a selection of their breakfast dishes. Really good pancakes and really good quality and I have to highlight the cleanliness of the restaurant itself.

7. Grizzly – The crepes weren’t the best – they were fine, maybe something I would order on the side but not something I would go to Grizzly specifically to order. The pancakes were delicious though, but the problem is that you are only brought a minimal amount of maple syrup. Ask for extra before the waiter gets your order, trust me. Keep in mind that most of the waiters will seem lost when you’re ordering but the food will get to your table… eventually. Plus side: you’ll have a view of the Nile as you wait and it will all be worth it once you have a bite of those yummy pancakes. Grizzly is definitely one of my favorite pancake places.

8. Blackstone Bistro – Amazing breakfast, with thick and delicious American pancakes. Definitely a place you should go for pancakes and a side of Eggs Benedict or an omelet. Also, amazing service – you might feel like the waiters are impatient but if you smile and order nicely, they will be more than willing to get the job done.

9. Auntie Loulou’s – Cute little place in a really bad location in Zamalek. The service was quick and efficient and the crepes were satisfactory. It definitely has a lot of potential to become a really good crepe place. I ordered the Auntie Loulou crepe which had a really thin layer of Nutella, and was filled with bananas and kiwi – quite a refreshing combination! For my savory crepe, I ordered a Tuna Melt Crepe which could have had more cheese and fewer red and green peppers.

10. Beano’s Cafe – Highly highly underrated; I actually believe that they have a lot of potential. I ordered the Jamaica Crepe which was also filled with bananas and caramel sauce. The savoury crepe that I ordered was the Crepe Plougastal which was filled with béchamel sauce, mushrooms, chicken and mozzarella and parmesan cheese – a delicious combination for a light lunch.


Leave your suggestions below for items to scout for in our future hunts!