There is an abundant number of places around the world that tend to go undiscovered to the average Egyptian tourist. So if you’re making travel plans this winter – whether in Europe, or the United states – be sure to include one of these beautiful locations in your pathways.

1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon

Want to experience a terrific view that comes with a wealth of history? Visit the Grand Canyon where you can retrace the steps of the Native Americans and stroll alongside the wild Colorado River, which eroded the rocks surrounding it, forming the canyon as we know it today. You can also hike to the top of the canyon where there are plenty of activities to do, such as rafting and biking, as well as many hotels and campgrounds where you can stay.

2. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon

When most people hear the name Iceland, they instantly think of cold and icy landscapes (even though that’s actually Greenland). One of the most renowned sights there however is quite literally the opposite of that stereotype. The Blue Lagoon is a manmade, geothermal spa with a nearby lava flow that keeps the milky-blue, mineral-rich water hot enough for people to go swimming in. So, let’s just say that this is definitely a place worth visiting this winter. 

3. Skaftafell National Park, Iceland


If you’re a nature lover looking to disconnect from the world, then Skaftafell National Park in Iceland is definitely your go-to place. This park has been formed over thousands of years by different natural factors, from volcanic eruptions and glaciers to rivers. The park has a campground and many hiking trails you can freely roam through and discover and even though it’s a great location to visit in summer, it also transforms into a beautiful icy landscape during winter.

4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Playa del Carmen is a city located along the Caribbean Sea in Mexico. That by itself is enough to tell you about how terrific the weather must be over there. It was originally a small fishing town, but now you can also go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and travel by boat to a secluded beach. Best of all the weather in Mexico stays considerably warm during winter.

5. The Glaciers, Queenstown, New Zealand

new zealand

New Zealand basically has a menu of glaciers that you can pick from and visit. You can watch huge rivers of ice moving slowly down sloping terrain, and it’s a breathtaking sight. Exploring these magical glaciers is an experience you will not forget.

6. Aspen, Colorado, USA


Aspen is a city positioned between mountains and along a river. It is populated with many aspen trees (hence the name of the city) and was originally founded as a mining camp but later developed into a ski resort. The weather there is cold and humid, but the skiing resorts will definitely keep you warmed up.

7. Staffa and the Treshnish Isles, Scotland


Here, you can explore fallen rocks and fossil beaches, frolic with dolphins or go rock-climbing to see puffins up close. They’re places that require a certain degree of fitness but with such rich landscapes and wildlife, it’s totally worth it.

8. Innsbruck, Austria


A cozy little city that looks like it belongs on a Christmas postcard, Innsbruck is halfway between Munich, Germany and Verona, Italy. It’s a city famous for its massive winter sports center, and if you’re into the Olympics, it hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976, and the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012.

9. Hillier lake, Australia


When was the last time you saw a pink lake? Probably never. Hillier Lake in Australia is one such lake filled with water that you can literally bottle up without it losing it’s vibrant pink hue. No one really knows why it’s pink, although some say that it’s due to the bacteria in the salt crusts of the lake.

10. Puente del Inca, Argentina


Puente del Inca in Argentina is a natural stone bridge that crosses over the River Caves. Nobody knows for sure how it was formed but researchers guess that ice used to once cover the river and layers of dust and rocks gradually accumulated over it. When the ice eventually melted, we were left with this wondrous stone bridge.

11. Telluride, Colorado


Telluride’s namesake is a mineral found in many parts of Colorado – just not this one. Surrounded by forest mountains and cliffs, it’s an all-season area in which you can ski during winter and go mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, sightseeing, and much more during summer.

12. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland


Eilal Donan Castle is a castle in Scotland situated on its own little island surrounded by forested mountains and the open sea. The view there is breathtaking, regardless of the weather.

13. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


A boat ride through these caves is a magic experience no traveller would ever forget. Glowworms dot the cave’s ceiling, illuminating it and making a simple boat ride feel like a voyage through a star-strewn galaxy.

14. Glowing Waves, The Maldives


Surround yourself with stars as you wade into the glowing waves of the Maldives. The shore is lit up with tiny organisms that glow in the shallow water due to the pressure of the waves. It’s quite a dreamy sight.

15. Seram Island Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Indonesia


Seram Island is the largest island of the Maluku province of Indonesia and home to a mountain range and lush rainforests. On this island, not only will you find all types of birds surrounding you, but also these Rainbow Eucalyptus trees that are naturally and vividly multicolored.