The axis around which Ramadan revolves in the early 21st century is made up of TV series that are in no way holy, visits of/from family members who are not necessarily blood relatives, and escaping the latter and former with friends in a charade of mass outings. Every year we feel like something is missing, but not this year because we found the spirit of Ramadan – sans food – in old Cairo! Places that will transport you to the time when sitting on the floor listening to folk music was cultural mainstream, back before Ramadan nights were tainted by adverts and polished with material indulgence.  If you’re an expat, you’ll love this too.

Al-Ghouri Complex (Wekalet Al-Ghouri & Kobbet Al-Ghouri)


Where dervishes twirl the air of the Fatimid era, and sufi chants echo in that awe-inspiring architectural beauty.

3 Mohamed Abdo St., intersection of Azhar st. and ElMoez st.
For latest happenings:
Wekalet Al-Ghouri: Facebook,
Kobbet Al-Ghouri Facebook
Or call 01154418037.



Middling El-Moez street, you can feel the spirit of the street pouring into the venue.
Darb Al-Tambaksheya, beside Al-Aqmar mosque, El-Moez st., Al-Gammaleya
More information: Facebook
or call 0101 190 6907

Beit Al-Seheimi



Every detail will leave you thinking, every corner will show you into the mind of the craftsmen who were standing in your exact position a few hundred years back.
Al-Gammaleya St.
More information: here.

Beit Al-Senari


Artistic workshops and showcases for those craving some intellectual flirtation.
Sayda Zeinab, Off El Komy st.
For more information: Facebook

Beit Al-Harrawi


Sit, listen to the music, and let the summer breeze of old Cairo hit your head and shuffle your thoughts around.

Mohamed Abdou st., Al-Azhar, El-Darb El-Ahmar
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Beit Zeinab Khatun


The best shisha, and shay bel ne3na3 you’ll have in your life, and not just because it is part of El Moez street’s continuance, but because the setting will definitely take you to Ramadan.
Mohamed Abdou st., Al-Azhar, El-Darb El-Ahmar
For more information Facebook

Kasr Al-Amir Taz

3صور قصر الامير طاز.jpg5

From musical events to showcases, Kasr Al-Amir Taz is always buzzing with events. A Must visit.

27 Al-Syoufeya st., Al-Darb Al-Ahmar
For more information Facebook
 or call 02 25142581

Al-Manesterli Palace


Have a royal Ramadan evening attending one of Al Manesterli Palace’s events.

1 El-Malek El-Saleh
For more information Facebook
 or call 02 23631467.



Folk culture from all over North Africa, the zar music event is always an exposing experience.

1 Saad Zaghloul st., El-Sayda Zeinab, Downtown Cairo
For more information Facebook
or call 0227920878.

Darb 1718


Hub to many artistic initiatives, darb 1718 always knows how to bring people on the same wavelength together.

Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen, Cairo
For more information Facebook
 or call 02 23610511.

Ahwet Al Fishawy



The famous ahwa in khan el khalili is the perfect spot to reminisce Ramadan like you were a tarboush wearing afandi in another time.

Al-Hussein, Khan El-Khalili
For more information Facebook
or call 0111 746 8217