Living gets tough in neighborhoods that are almost cut off from the rest of Cairo such as New Cairo and 6 October. Well if you’re up past midnight and looking for a restaurant or food chain that still delivers up to midnight, then you probably can’t be bothered to look up the places that do deliver. So making your lives easier like we always do, we’ve compiled your go-to list for when you get the munchies late at night.


New Cairo

1. Homely Food

If you’re looking for a makeshift homemade burger or a jam-packed meal which will keep you merry and joyous, then these are the places to order from. Their food is classier than McDonald’s, but also friendly on the wallet.

– Chili’s (1 AM)

– Cortegiano (1 AM)

– Johnny Carino’s (2AM)


2. If you’re feeling Oriental


Maybe you’re feeling a bit Egyptian tonight. Gratify your appetite by ordering from these oriental cuisines, whether grill or full-fledged Egyptian dishes.

– Abou Shakra (1 AM)

– Abou El Sid (1 AM)

– Studio Masr (1 AM)


3. Pizza

Those who are up until 3 am and suddenly get a serious case of post midnight munchies will probably start dreaming of pizza at one point, which is why Pizza Hut is up to your service until 3 AM.

– Pizza Hut (3 AM)


4. Burgers

Nah, not McDonald’s. but actual American burgers that will fill your appetite for more than just one hour. Fast, and easy on the stomach.

– Burger Joint (2 AM)


5. German Cuisine

Because when was the last time you had German cuisine? Their food is warming, and they have a whole bunch of chicken wings waiting to be eaten.

– WienerWald (1 AM)


6th of October

1. Burgers


Again, not McDonald’s, but another burger chain that is willing to go deliver all the way to the ends of 6th of October to make sure your appetite is satisfied until the late of night.

– Buffalo Burger (2 AM)


2. Asian

Haven’t you always wanted to be one of those people on TV who eat from cute little Asian takeout boxes late at night while watching TV? Peking delivers up to 12:30 AM an Asian and Vegetarian cuisine, while Makani will deliver not only sushi, but also sandwiches for those who aren’t a big fan of sushi.

– Peking (12:30 AM)

– Makani (2 AM)


3. Oriental and Egyptian

Whether Chicken Tikka or Feteera, or both feteer and chicken, these food chains have your back up until 3 AM.

– Chicken Tikka (3 AM)

– Feteera (3 AM)


4. Pizza

Pizza has a thing for delivering late at night, and we can all probably guess why. It’s because pizza is awesome.

– Papa John’s (3 AM)

– Domino’s Pizza (2 AM)


5. International Cuisine

International cuisine comprises of steak, mashed potato, sandwiches, pasta, and all these foods that no one really dislikes because they’re so good – especially when you get them delivered to you.

– Crave (2 AM)

– Steak Out (12.:30 AM)

– Casper & Gambini (1 AM)