This post is simply going to have way more pictures then text…a picture says a thousand words right?

We stumbled upon Odezy just a little over 2 weeks ago and we have been hooked ever since! So, what is this Odezy we speak of?

As they describe themselves: “Design Inspired Private Boutique Shopping Club Exclusively for Egypt.”  

As we describe them: “a super sexy website with super sexy designs that will lead you into buying everything”.

Odezy is basically an online store that checks out all the boutique stores/brands in Egypt, picks only the best of products in terms of quality and design – leaving you a website with simply THE BEST products from all around.

Are you on Pinterest? Even if you’re not, you’re going to be refreshing their continuously updated account non-stop. CLICK HERE TO GO TO IT. It’s full of sexy yet smart designs…we went ahead and picked out some of our favorites:

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Bookshelfs from Odezy
Lighting from Odezy
Lighting from Odezy
Furniture from Odezy
Artwork from Odezy
Cushions from Odezy
Lighting from Odezy
Covers from Odezy


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