NubaTube, the first official Nubian language YouTube channel, finally released its first episode yesterday, after having released a promo about a month ago.

The city of Aswan decided to create the channel in an attempt to showcase, as well as preserve, Nubian Language and culture. Mohamed Azmi, head of the Nubian Union in Aswan and director of the channel, stated that one of the channel’s main purposes is the preservation of Nubian identity, especially after realizing that many Nubian youth tend to migrate away from the language.

Azmi also hopes to show Egyptians the importance of the Nubian language and culture, and this will partly be done by having Arabic translation to accompany all videos posted.

Currently, the channel aims to broadcast for at least two hours a day, and hopes to increase this time to five hours a day as the year progresses. The first two videos that were posted are both almost 20 minutes long.

Azmi added that a group of Nubian and non-Nubian youth, and students of media, have come together to use simple tools in recording, communicating, and broadcasting the channel’s content. They aim to showcase a wide range of topics, ranging from those of an educational nature, to cultural as well as informative.

Nuba is an area along the banks of the Nile, located between Egypt and Sudan.

*Information gathered, and roughly translated, from Masreiat