The latest viral video in circulation these days is this video of a 15-year-old’s birthday party in Australia. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, here is the video for you to watch:

Now, everyone keeps claiming that this video is evidence of why the next generation is damned. Everyone is stating that each and every single person in this video will grow up addicted to drugs. Now, allow me to bring up a few points.

I pose this question to the readers: since when haven’t teenagers been rebellious and just downright crazy? These kids are freshmen in school. When I was a freshman in school, I could admit to a plethora of acts that would make most adults claim that I was fucked up; thankfully I didn’t turn out that way.

I don’t believe the next generation is fucked up. I can distinctly remember a friend’s birthday party at around the same age of the people in this video – and it was the exact same style. I challenge you to find me a generation that did not party or rebel as teenagers. The clothing and music have probably varied but I feel like these two factors might be the only variables.

There is one pivotal difference between this generation and the previous ones: social media document their lives. Whether it is for the better or worse is an entirely different topic; the point is that this is why we see these acts, which would have previously happened as discreetly as possible. The fact that it is now being documented does not mean that it’s the first of its kind.

On the contrary – it’s the first of its kind to be documented – and certainty not the last.