It seems like people have mixed reviews about 2015, and New Year’s Eve is the best way to celebrate its end. For those who hated it… they can drink to it finally coming to an end, while those who enjoyed it could just choose to end it with a final bang.

We all know the celebrations don’t actually start until people are walking funny, slurring and shouting things that would seem inappropriate to the sober ones – and what better way to get into this party spirit than with a drinking game.

Here’s a list of some our favorite drinking games – some are classics, others not so much – but all will definitely get the job done.


  1. The following games are meant for house parties or seriously forgiving bars.
  2. The games are classified by their buzz level/how bad of a hangover they’ll cause you the next morning.

The Classics

Flip Cup (Low buzz level)


  • Cups
  • Beer
  • Even number of players (Preferably no less than 8 players)

Players are divided into 2 teams, teammates line up next to each other facing the other team. Each players starts with a cup full of beer in front of them.

The idea is simple… the first player on each team starts chugging and once done, has to place the empty cup face down on the edge of the table and attempt to flip it from the bottom till it lands upright (as shown below).


The following player is not allowed to touch their cup till the player before them successfully flips their cup.

First team to chug and flip their cups wins.

Beer Pong (Medium buzz level)


  • Cups
  • A table (As large as possible)
  • Ping pong balls
  • Players (Even number, No more than 6)

This is basically the most famous beer/drinking game around the world, and it never goes old. It’s pretty simple, players are divided into 2 teams, each placed on opposing sides of the table with cups filled with beer placed in front of them (as shown below).

beer pong

The aim is to throw and score the ping pong balls into the opposing team’s cups, forcing one of their members to chug it.

The team that runs out of full cups loses.

Handicap Rules:

  1. You may bounce the ball on the table on its way to the cup, forcing the opposing team to drink 2 cups instead of one, but then and only then is the opposing team allowed to swat away the ball.
  2. Hands must always be outside the table’s perimeter while throwing the ball.

King’s cup (Medium to high buzz level)


  • A large cup (King’s cup)
  • Deck of cards
  • Players (The more the merrier)
  • Your choice of booze

One of the players begins the game by drawing a card and flipping it over. Each card has a specific game tied to it and the loser of the game has to drink.


Card game list

Ace = Waterfall: The card drawer starts chugging and everyone else chugs along until that player puts their cup down

2 = You: Force a player to drink

3 = Me: The player drinks

4= Wh*res: Ladies must drink

5= Thumb master: All players must place one of their thumbs on the table, last one to do so drinks

6= D*cks: Gentlemen drink

7= Heaven: All players must point to the ceiling, last person to do so drinks

8= Pick a mate: Player chooses a mate who is forced to drink when said player drinks

9= Bust a rhyme: Player must start a rhyme (ex: I was walking down the street) and following players must rhyme to it, the player who fails to rhyme quick enough, drinks

10= Categories: Player chooses a category (ex: Cars, Mercedes, Nissan,..etc) and the following players must mention a related item. The player who fails to do so quick enough or repeats, drinks

Jack= Make a rule: Player makes a rule (ex: no names allowed) and it is effective till the next Jack card is drawn

Queen= Question master: The Question master freely gets to ask all the other players normal every day, mundane questions such as asking for the time… but whoever answers the question master must drink. The question master changes depending on who gets the next queen.

King= Player who draws the king card has to pour some of their drink into the King’s cup, until the last King is drawn. The final king drawer has to drink the whole cup – aka the real loser/winner.


Battleshots (High to Sh*tface buzz level)


  • 2 pizza boxes
  • Shots of your preference
  • Players (4-6 players preferred)

This game is basically Battleship, one of our childhood’s prime games, only that you actually feel the damage of having your ships sunk with every shot you down.

A video of a fierce competition between Jimmy Fallon and Johnny Knoxville will do the explaining for this one:

The Not-So-Classics

Disclaimer: If you’re planning on playing any of the following games, make sure:

  • You have nothing important to do the next day
  • You don’t need to hold any crucial conversations, especially with parents or bosses
  • You drink lots and lots of water because you do not want a hangover from hell the next day


Sip, Sip, Shot


  • Players (6 or more players)
  • Booze of your preference

Sip Sip Shot

An adult version of Duck Duck Goose. Everyone sits in a circle and one player goes around bopping people on the head, telling them to “sip.” Each bopped person takes a sip of their drink until the bopper chooses someone to say “shot” to. The shot person has to leap up, chase the bopper around the circle, and try to tag them. If they succeed, they take over as bopper; if they do *not* succeed after 2 laps, they have to take a shot.


Turn-around boat race


  • Cups (2 per player)
  • Beer
  • Even number of players (2 teams, 6 players or more)

October 7, 2014; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner (40) celebrates in the clubhouse after defeating the Washington Nationals 3-2 in game four of the 2014 NLDS baseball playoff game at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-189982 ORIG FILE ID: 20141007_kkt_st3_005.jpg

This game is much like flip cup (minus the actual cup flipping), instead each player has 2 cups of beer in front of them. The first player on each team starts chugging one of the cups in front of them at the same time… the second player doesn’t start drinking till the first one is done with his/her first cup and so on. Till it reaches the last player on the team – that person will have to chug both cups in a row, then the direction of the drinking is reversed, reaching back to the first player.

The team that finishes their drinks first wins.


Higher or lower

Disclaimer:  This is probably the only game where the dealer is the biggest victim of excessive drinking.


  • Deck of cards
  • Players (5 or more: 1 dealer & other players)

Higher or lover

This one’s fairly simple, it starts off with the dealer placing 5 cards in front of the first player, and only the first card should be facing upwards. The player now has to start guessing whether the following cards are higher or lower than the one facing upwards. Wrong guesses cause the player to drink, correct ones cause the dealer to drink.

If the player was successful in guessing all cards dealt, they take over as the dealer, if not, the game moves on to the next player.

Special rules:

  1. The Ace card is a safe card, as it can be higher or lower than all cards
  2. If a player has more wrong guesses than correct ones, they’ll have to drink shots equivalent to the value of the card that was facing upwards
  3. Jack = 11, Queen = 12 & King = 13


F*ck you!!


  • Deck of cards
  • Loud and rude players (5-8)
  • A large glass of beer


Each player is dealt 5 cards and 1 card is placed facing up on the table. By turn, each player places the card on top of the previous one with a matching suite or number while saying/shouting “F*ck you (Another player’s name).”

When all players run of cards that match the suite or the number of the card on top, the last person to get “F*cked” has to chug for a duration that matches the last card placed on the table. Same rules apply if all players placed their cards.

Jack = 11 seconds, Queen = 12 seconds, King = 13 seconds & Ace = 14 seconds


3-legged triathlon


  • 4 cups of beer
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Large table
  • 2 long straps, or whatever is good enough to tie 2 legs together
  • 4 shots of hard liquor (preferably tequila)
  • A large space/room
  • 4 players (2 on each team)


Disclaimer: This game is not for everyone – this is how people should delegate their fraternity captain, the king of the party, or their next country president for that matter.


The game consists of 3 stages (hence a triathlon), yet with one preparation stage before – a Tequila shot for all the participants, just to spice things up.

So the game begins with every team (2 players) being strapped to each other by the thighs for a 3-legged-race (Preferably 10 meters/11 yards long) till they reach a beer pong table with 2 cups set on each side.

Stage 2 is obviously a 3-legged-beer pong challenge, where one of the teams has to score both cups (and the other team chugging their components) in order to move on to the last stage.

Stage 3 is the most difficult part for the drunken folks, a 3-legged-pushup challenge. (10 push up counts).

The Losing team has to chug the winning team’s remaining beer pong cups.


If none of the previous games suit your state, daring a random person at a party to a chugging challenge should do just fine.


Cheers and have a Happy New Year…and hangover.