I remember when I was 11 and my Mom would buy me high-wasted skinny-bottom jeans, and I’d laugh and be like EW mom no, I’m not wearing those.

“Why not?” she’d ask, holding the pants out. “They’re nice.”

“La2 ya mama, those are carrot pants.”

Carrot pants, I used to call them. What we now call skinny jeans, I once used to call carrot pants. And my closet is full of them.

There are also some vests in there, as well as ugly-patterned sweaters, maxi skirts, and other clothes that I found ugly back when my Mom thought they looked great.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. We thought our Moms were a bit off, and not only when it came to fashion. There were also the friends that our mothers warned us about, or that job that you wanted to sell your soul to but Mom advised against.

And we would ignore our mothers because… well, they’re our mothers. And we ignore everything they tell us to do, including the dishes. We were being stubborn, because we thought we knew best. We would think that their advice was lame, even if our gut feeling knew that they were probably right.

As you grow up, things change; 80s fashion is now cool, your friend turned out to be an asshole, and that job that you didn’t want back then taught you to be independent.

Looking through my closet now, half of my clothes in there are taken from my Mom’s closet for that chic vintage look.

Some of the things she might buy for me might go out of style, but motherhood never goes out of fashion.