I can’t help but feel angry (not rhetoric anger, I mean the real thing) every time I see this sort of news. I literally have been working on it. Sometimes I fail though and I guess this is one of these times.


So basically Muslims in Britain are creating Sharia Controlled Zones now. Surprised? I’m not. In fact, this has been going on for years now. In the U.S, France, now the UK. I know what you’re thinking but, no, I’m not go on about how this is wrong (even though it IS) and how it doesn’t represent true Islam and how we should all live in peace no matter the differences. Why? Because I don’t believe there is a “true” Islam. It’s a myth.


Sharia Zones hit the UK
Shari’ah Zones hit the UK

The true argument isn’t about some Muslim extremists “who don’t represent Islam” and make “us” look bad abroad, the real argument is between theory and practice. The claim is: this IS true Islam. And this is what every religion critique targets. In 2003, a book titled Why I Am Not a Muslim (after Bertrand Russell’s Why I Am Not a Christian) by Ibn Warraq was published (and of course severely criticized). Warraq dedicates almost the first 100 pages to refuting the idea that Islam is different from what Al Khomeny did in Iran or what “conservative” Muslims did to Farrag Fouda here in Egypt. To this day, Al Azhar still oppresses points of view and PhD papers on Faridat Al Hijab and on Al Khilafa. The book is a bibliography of each and every incident Islam (or whoever represented it at that time!) oppressed/killed someone or some type of people. And guess what? It kinda makes sense…


If you have a book that is completely up for interpretation, then what are you expecting? We have one and a half billion versions of true Islam. It only takes basic common sense to realize that you can’t have two persons having exact identical religious views even if they follow the same creed. This book has the capability to produce more than one point of view. Why are they oppressing it? Maybe this is the whole point of it. Those who claim Sharia Zones, those who claim they know God’s true words (like Sayed Kotb back in the 20s), those are the ones who are limiting us from the millions of possibilities.


It’s all about relativity, folks. It’s all about relativity. Thoughts simply cannot be monopolized.