Lately, there has been a massive wave of sadness and grief (nakad if you will) that I couldn’t help but notice among many college students due to the continuously depressing news of people getting killed and arrested all over the country. This is something I understand and can relate to very easily (and I’m not the emotional type of guy).


What I don’t understand is the trend that accompanies this grief of stopping or extremely opposing any celebratory activity or event. Hell, sometimes it goes as far as opposition to doing any normal or regular activities. And I’ve seen these students fall into a hole of self-righteousness and unjustified judgments against anyone who does not share their attitude just because they believe it’s “inappropriate” or “morally wrong” to celebrate while people (some of whom happen to be students as well) are getting arrested.


Well, let me tell you something about morals and freedom: morals are individual (whether you developed your own or are adhering to the ones you’ve been raised believing) and every person is free to choose their own moral code and follow it, as long as it doesn’t interfere with other people’s lives or put moral pressures on them.  People are not obliged to follow your own moral code nor are they obliged to stop their celebrations, their events, or their lives just because you think it’s “appropriate” to do so at any given moment. You have the absolute freedom to express your opinion but you certainly do not have the right to put your own moral codes into action in a manner that affects other peoples’ lives. Live and let live.


Your idea of what should or shouldn’t be done instead really doesn’t matter. You only represent you. And it’s only arrogant to think you know better. It’s way easier and much more utilitarian to just let people do whatever they want with their lives.


I think our community would be a much better place if people would stop judging and putting moral pressures on others just because they’re been raised with a certain set of values that they are not willing to imagine the world existing without.