Another day, another gay-bashing article, this time cloaked in pseudoscience of the really fucking stupid kind, and published by the bastion of credibility; MBC. The article which talks about food that causes homosexuality in boys and others that prevent it, focuses its ire on chicken in particular.

According to a bunch of unnamed specialists, Middle Eastern chicken is injected with unsafe levels of hormones, which raises the level of estrogen in little boys’ bodies making them crave peen. And if there’s one part of the chicken that houses a concentration of magical gay-making hormones, it’s the less fleshy parts; namely chicken wings and necks, which makes perfect sense once you think of it because straight guys would go straight for the breasts. And if you thought that simply laying off of the chicken wings would keep you on the straight and narrow, think again! Soya beans, favoured sustenance of vegetarians everywhere, make the list as well. It isn’t specified whether an abundance of hormones are to be blamed for this travesty as well but as far as I’m concerned, science has already covered this territory. Real men eat meat, guy vegetarians are gay, QED.

Before anyone starts freaking out about American/Israeli/Muslim Brotherhood/feminist-affiliated farmers turning our boys into gay atheists though, the article provides us with a list of food and drinks that keep the gay away, such as ginger, parsley and cabbage. Coincidentally (or not) they’re all things that make you poo, which once again is totally sound science since the gay should exit the body from the same hole that receives it.

As ridiculous as MBC’s article is, it can have extremely dangerous ramifications. In a society where homophobia masquerades under the guise of AIDs awareness and a youtube video of two men getting married in a private ceremony inspires mass outrage and bloodlust, the last thing you need is click-baiting articles giving those already inclined towards bigoted thoughts and behaviours, ammunition; especially of the ‘scientific’ and thus palatable to ‘liberals’ kind. Even though I don’t like, nor agree with people who discriminate against gay people on a religious basis, I can understand where they’re coming from, but let’s not pretend that science backs up this farce in any way. 

As for gay women, eat as many chicken wings as you want. You apparently don’t exist and if this is the way gay men are treated, that just might be a blessing in disguise. 

Check out MBC’s article in all it’s glory here. Or don’t, not all brains can handle such a concentrated dose of stupidity.

Update: It seems like MBC’s taken down the article but whatever; webpages may be fleeting but screenshots are forever. Enjoy.

Gay Chicken Screenshots