If you want to have a good time and do good at the same time, then this is the place to be. This upcoming Saturday March 28th, Mashroo3 Kheir is holding an event at AUC which is entirely contributed to building roofs for an entire village in El Fayoum.

The event is molded to fit everyone’s interests; from fashion to music to fitness, Mashroo3 Kheir has it all for you. Every pound that goes into this event from the entry tickets of the festival — which is 75 LE — will go into charity.
Cairokee will be performing music there, as well as Hassan Ramzy, and Al Nour Wal Amal, an orchestra of blind musicians.

There will also be the biggest fitness competition in Egypt by ELFIT Tournament and Egypt’s first fashion installation with designers such as Alia Khafaga, Mohanad Kojak, and many more.

This is the first festival of this kind in Egypt, a diverse event full of activities and good deeds. Amid all these activities happening, you will find a number of other NGOs there, and you can use your Kheir Map to find them and perhaps find a way to contribute even more.

This isn’t the first of events that Mashroo3 Kheir has done; they have had several events before in which they try to encourage others to do kheir while simultaneously having fun, which thus makes kheir a lifestyle.

If you want to participate in this event, you can check out their Facebook event page for more information on where or how you can purchase your tickets.