American pop-rock band, Maroon 5, released their fifth studio album – V – today.

maroon 5, credits to maroon5com

‘V’ is meant to stand for the number 5 in old roman numerals.

The album also appears to include pianist Jesse Carmichael, after a noticeable absence in their previous album, ‘Overexposed.’ V also boasts collaborations with Gwen Stefani and Sia and two hit singles, “Maps” and “Animals.”

“It’s cool for all of us to have [Gwen] on the record,” guitarist James Valentine mentions to Billboard. “And Adam won’t shut up about how cool she is as a person.”

Here is the full track list:

1. “Maps”
2. “Animals”
3. “It Was Always You”
4. “Unkiss Me”
5. “Sugar”
6. “Leaving California”
7. “In Your Pocket”
8. “New Love”
9. “Coming Back for You”
10. “Feelings”
11. “My Heart Is Open” ft. Gwen Stefani

1. “ShootLove”
2. “Sex and Candy”
3. “Lost Stars”

And here’s a little album teaser


The album was released by Interscope Records and recorded at Conway Studios in Los Angeles, California over the past year.


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