This upcoming Saturday, November 15th, Mashroo3 Kheir will be holding a 70s themed festivity for the elderly residing in Dar Sayedat Masr in Heliopolis from 4:00-8:00 pm.

Volunteers and participants are welcome to join this occasion and participate in chit chatting, singing and dancing with the elderly, as well as listening to music, playing games and munching on snacks – all of it molded to fit the 70s criteria.

This isn’t the first of the Elderly events that Mashroo3 Kheir has coordinated; they have organized several events such as a Nile Cruise last Ramadan in which the elders from their own free will began dancing and singing along to the music being played.

The purpose of these events is to spread joy to the elderly, giving them a chance to pump up their everyday routine life they live in their elderly homes. This upcoming event gives a chance for the elderly to relive their old days through all the forms of entertainment that they will be getting.

A teaser leading to the announcement of the event: “Nerga3hom shabab”

The volunteers also get to experience enjoyment and entertainment as they get to give back to their community while simultaneously having fun.

Another feature in Mashroo3 Kheir is their Elder’s Life Stories; while talking to the elders, volunteers can come across a touching story, whether it made them laugh, made their heart drop, or amused them.


دي دوّلت… بتحب تغني وخصوصاً الأغاني القديمة… صوتها مش حلو اوي بس مش فارق معاها حتى لما صحابها فالدار بيقولولها بهزار “كفاية يا دولت صدعتينا” مش بيفرق معاها وبردو بتغني… ليه؟ عشان برغم من كل مشاكلها قررت تعمل الحاجة اللى بتحبها وبتبسطها… دوّلت علمتنا ان السعادة ممكن تييجي من حاجة بسيطة، حاجة مش محتاجة ولا شغل ولا فلوس وهي انك تغني بأعلى صوتك وسط صحابك حتى لو بيقولولك كفاية. Stay tuned to more stories. #EldersLifeStories #MeetDawlat #Teaser #Stay_tuned

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Attendees should RVSP through the Facebook event page  and call the phone numbers on the page to confirm their attendance.

And most importantly, attendees should also dress up in their best 70s attire to vitalize the theme of the day, and because there is a surprise awaiting the person designated with the best costume.