Only 10% of eligible voters cast ballots to participate in the making of Egypt’s first parliament since 2012, reported Reuters. The first round took place in Upper Egypt and West Delta.

According to the High Elections Committee (HEC), the majority of those who voted were over the age of 61. The committee announced that 13,878 women and 3,130 men had cast their ballots in the first three hours of voting, making female turnout four times more than that of male turnout.

Ahram Online stated that a number of media reports indicated low turnout and poor participation mainly by the youth population.

Although President Abdel Fattah El Sisi dubbed these elections as a milestone in Egypt’s road to democracy, his opposition – including several youth groups – condemned it as a spectacle to reflect fake standards of democracy. The low turnout indicates that a lot of Egyptians are indifferent about the elections result.

The final results of the first round of voting will be announced on October 30. The second round of the parliamentary elections will be held on November 22-23 and will include Cairo, as well as other governorates in Central and East Delta.

You can find out the location of your assigned electoral poll station here.

Information gathered from Ahram Online, Reuters, and Egyptian Streets.

Featured image credits go to The Telegraph. Other images gathered from the official website of the High Elections Committee.