Nothing is as quick to evolve or as adaptive as technology. That’s why we’ll be rounding up the latest updates for you on a biweekly basis. Here’s what happened in the second half of August:

1. Breathalyzer in development for Android devices

Android Breathalyzer

Some of you might throw a tantrum when your friends claim you’re drunk, even though you’re sure you’re just a little tipsy. Technology will now be able to prove you (or in that rare case, your friends) wrong. This project on Kikstarter – which has almost reached its target of $40,000 – offers a tiny device that, when connected to your phone, measures your Blood Alcohol Contect (BAC). This device has the potential to save the lives of those who are confident they aren’t too drunk to drive even when they are, which is what makes it so important.

2. Nintendo releases a new version of their handheld console

The Nintendo 3DS just got revamped: great new features have been added to an already awesome portable gaming console. For those of you who may not know the Nintendo 3DS, it is a gaming device that produces stereoscopic 3D images. In other words, you can play in 3D visuals.

This effect cannot be justly captured in a YouTube video, but this video does the best that it can to demonstrate this awesome new feature. Just skip to somewhere in the middle and put the video on fullscreen. This little technological miracle was updated to include new buttons, such as a C-stick and additional trigger buttons. These buttons should enhance one’s ability to be able to interact with the game, further solidifying Nintendo’s lead in the handheld gaming system market.

3. Leaked images of Sony’s new Xperia surface

It comes as a surprise to many that Android phones are not solely Samsung. It’s also a surprise that they’re actually acquired by Google. That’s not the case though. Photos of the latest Sony phone boasting Android, the Xperia Z3, have been leaked on a Chinese certification website – which could be considered a credible source. This much-anticipated phone, which is expected to be announced (and possibly released) on September 3rd, packs a 20 MP rear camera, a 5.2 inch screen, and a powerful processor. Below is a leaked image that has been circulating the web:

4. The future of glass buildings must just be monopolistic

Apple’s iconic cube building made entirely of glass will stay iconic. The tech giant filed a patent towards the end of 2012 with regards to the building and it has  finally been patented. In the United States, any cube-shaped glass building constructed in the future will exclusively be an Apple store. This patent does not allow Apple the intellectual property for such designs in Egypt, so maybe all our new buildings can be as prone to damage but also be as shiny. Although this design is not completely Apple’s innovation, as there are many glass buildings around the US, designs that are similar to the NYC store are now Apple’s own brainchild.


That’s all for your biweelky tour of the technology world. Look out for our next update by mid-September.


Photo credits: Techcrunch, Time, IBTimes, TENAA and Mark Lennihani from the AP