Nothing is as quick to evolve or as adaptive as technology. That’s why we’ll be rounding up the latest updates for you on a biweekly basis. Here’s what happened in the second half of July:

1. Apple releases OS X Yosemite (10.10) Beta



For the first time in fourteen years, Apple released a public beta testing for their new OS X software for MacBooks and iMacs. OS X Yosemite is a significant update in the OS X series, introducing the iconic flat designs of the iOS 7, increasing the connection (or ‘continuity’) between the mobile and computer platforms, as well as updating many Apple programs, such as Safari and iTunes. The first one million people to sign up for the beta testing in June have received their links to the beta program, which, I must say, is pretty awesome.

2. Facebook introduces the Save feature

Save FB


Lets say you’re on your phone, browing your Facebook newsfeed. For once, you actually find a shared article worth reading (read: a Prime article). Seeing as it’s summer, you realize that you don’t have time to read the article now, but would love to read it later. Facebook’s new idea is here to save you: you can now “save” the post, bookmarking it, and will be able to read the post later. This new feature will allow people to browse through their newsfeeds faster, but still keep tabs on things they want to save for later. This feature will be available on the browser as well as in the app.

3. Google acquires Twitch for $1 billion.



Twitch is an online website where users can stream videos of themselves playing a video game, whether it be a helpful walkthrough, or a video of you annihilating your best friend in Call of Duty. Like so many other successful websites, Google has acquired it. Twitch has expanded with the new generation of gaming consoles, allowing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers to upload their videos directly through their consoles. Although this is mere speculation at this point, Google will most probably add Twitch to the features YouTube has to offer. Google has been averaging at more than one acquisition per week since 2010.

4. Instagram rivals Snapchat with new application



Instagram has just released a new application to rival Snapchat: Bolt. Although only available in three countries now, with Egypt unsurprisingly not on the list, Instagram has announced a plan for expansion in the near future. The application does have a feature that is notably missing on Snapchat – the ability to undo sending a message a few seconds after by shaking your phone. This feature is a must for those who press send and quickly regret their decision. A recently established company called Bolt, which offers free SMS and calls (like Viber), has entreated Instagram to change the name, fearing lack of recognition… Instagram has blatantly ignored their request.