With 2014 being such a fast-paced year, some of us haven’t even noticed that Halloween is creeping up on us sooner than we think. Yep, it’s already this coming weekend. So for those who haven’t made plans yet or haven’t had the time to decide what they want to be for Halloween, we’ve compiled a last minute Halloween list for you.

Places to go to

If you’re looking for a party to go to where you can’t stop dancing with Halloween intoxication then check out these places to go to:

1- DJ Crash at Halloween

Place: Fairmont Nile City
Time: 10:30 pm
Contact: 01286188880
Link: Event

It’s that time of the year again. Put on your scariest costume and head over to O Bar this Halloween, for the craziest night ever, featuring the great DJ Crash.

2- Cirque Du Freak ft. DJ Tahawy & DJ Ouzo (Hallows Eve)

Place: Cairo Jazz Club
Time: 10:00 pm

Head over to Cairo Jazz Club for Halloween if you want to get freaky on the dance floor! Pacha Sharm’s DJ Tahawy & DJ Ouzo will be playing their beats until the end of night. Costumes are mandatory!

3- Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy @ VENT

Place: Vent
Time: 10:00 pm

Electronic experimental sounds with Sufi singing will make your Halloween both enchanting and unforgettable.



Halloween is basically the only time of the year in which no one would give you raised eyebrows for walking in dressed as batman or a slutty pirate. Here’s a list of places you can buy costumes from for a good budget, and last minute costumes you can put together


1- Top Toys

Address: 61 Mohy El Din Abou El Ezz St. / Dokki, Giza
Contact: 0237612811, 01005408386

2- Jumbo Gifts & Toys

Address: 161 26th of July St. / Zamalek
Contact: 0227375205

 3- Bal Masque Costumes

Address: Heliopolis – by appointment.
Contact: 01005387711

4- Zee Party Planet

Address: Al Manteqah Al Oula / Nasr City
Contact: 0222716975


1- The Classic Pirate

All you’ll be needing for this one is your father’s white shirt, a black vest, bandana, and many bracelets and necklaces. This one’s an easy one for a last minute put together, but don’t be surprised when you find two to three other pirates showing up at the same party.

2- Patrick Bateman

You can’t get scarier (or more handsome) than this. Wear a suit and splatter red paint or ketchup all over your white shirt a red tie and make an axe out of cardboard also splattered with blood.

3- Gypsy

Put on one of your mother’s old brightly colored skirts together with a white tanktop and you’ll only be a bandana and bracelets away from the basic gypsy outfit. To make it look even more so authentic, wear a red or black corset over your tank-top.

4- Jack & Coke

This one requires you to get crafty, and is perfect for partnered whiskey-lovers. Buy poster paper from the nearest crafts store and unleash the artist in you to put together this outfit.

Low on budget, or an early curfew? Or too tired? Don’t like crowds? No problem. Bring a few friends over for a Halloween movie night and treats. (Trick or treat foods &&& movies perfect for Halloween)


Perfect Movies for a Halloween Night

1- Scream

This one’s classic if you want to get nightmares (or get a laugh) at the morbid villain that is Scream

2- The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas – a mix of cuteness and Halloween horrors gone down the drain for our love Jack


3- Scary Movie Marathon

Watch the five movies of Scary Movie for the ultimate Halloween spoof night.


Trick or treat from the comfort of your living room

And of course, you can’t have a movie night without snacks to much on. Order these Halloween-themed cupcakes from your favorite cupcake lines

1- Batter Half 

Contact: 02 27370036

2- Nola

Contact: Zamalek: 027366494 / 01111127738; Maadi T. 023803949 / 01111122472

Or you can get creative and make your own homemade cupcakes

Have a happy Halloween everyone!