It melts in your mouth. That is the perfect description when it comes to the Dim Sum served at Conrad Cairo’s Kamala restaurant. We made our way to our table right by the restaurant’s pond, and as we received our prawn crackers and sauces – which come complimentary as soon as you’re seated – we were told all about the various Dim Sum fillings we would soon be consuming.

Before we could get our hands on the steamed goodness that is Dim Sum, we were served the chef’s soup of the day – a beautifully spiced prawn soup. At this point, just as we thought about how this soup can’t be topped, in came our wonderful steamer baskets – perfectly packaging the highlight of tonight’s dinner.


Just like children opening their presents on Christmas morning, as soon as the lids were lifted we sat their transfixed as we admired our perfectly constructed seven pieces of dim sum. It was quite the satisfactory surprise every time we ate a piece, as some were stuffed with salmon, some with mushrooms, and others with chicken.

Let us tell you, as fast as the basket got empty… we were honestly pretty stuffed at this point – satisfyingly so. The flavors blended together so well, we couldn’t even remember what other foods we usually enjoy eating tasted like – we think it’s safe to say that the Dim Sum is otherworldly.


Having already been on cloud nine at this point, we thought why not go the extra mile and treat ourselves to two of Kamala’s most exquisite dishes – the beef and shrimp stir fry, accompanied by beautifully steamed rice.

As we enjoyed the last drop of cashew sauce atop our shrimp and rice, we realized that we would probably not be able to get out of our seats if we tried now – and quite honestly, we didn’t really want to.

You too can enjoy a similarly delightful dinner at Kamala with their new Dim Sum promotion offered every Thursday and Friday. Say hello to the chef’s soup of the day and seven pieces of Dim Sum like no other, for only 99 EGP per person.

For more information, you can visit Conrad Cairo’s Facebook page, or call +20 2 25808000 for reservations.