Living in a country where everyone enjoys a good protest every now and then has certainly taken its toll on Egyptian optimism. That’s why we decided that every now and then, people need a reminder of how excellent us Egyptians are by showcasing some of our up-and-coming talent. This month’s segment will focus on a student who was not content with merely wearing jewelry like the rest of us, but instead chose to create her own line: J’s Designs, which we feel are worthy of taking the spotlight.


At the age of seventeen, Jude Benhalim (owner and founder of J’s Designs) was in high school. Unlike the majority of high school students, Jude decided to do something other than whine about schoolwork, and instead use her talents to start a business. With the support of her mother, she set out to create her own rather unique jewelry line, and in two short years, grew it into a remarkable venture.


J’s Designs hit a major milestone a few months ago when it made its international debut at the Olympics of fashion jewelry – the Eclat de Mode, Bijorhca, Paris. This event marked ‘J’s Designs’ inauguration to the big leagues. Despite J’s heavy competition, relative inexperience compared to the other lines, and it being the sole Egyptian participant, it did not fail to impress.


Attendants of the show were particularly impressed with J’s oriental style and simple class. We can attest to the fact that J’s Designs pay great attention to detail that sets it apart from other lines. Jude returned from her trip more ambitious than ever. As her creative and mercantile capacity continues to grow, Jude knows this is just the beginning of a long journey and that she will not be stopping anytime soon.


J herself

Seeing her success, we are humbled by her sheer dedication and will power. Her dedication to surpassing the expectations from a “high school student” is awe-inspiring. Her work is impressive, but with her youth and dedication taken into consideration, it is doubly so. In light of that, our “It” Person of The Month also goes to none other then Jude Benhalim. Her family and friends should be very proud her. We, personally, are awaiting the day we turn on our televisions to find Nancy Agram modeling J’s Designs.

Find J’s Designs on Facebook Page

Written by Ramy Taha
Edited by Dina Soliman